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making oil to use for my e vapor cig.

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by djfury420, May 6, 2013.

  1. Can someone please direct me to a good forum on how to make oil for vapping out of my e vapor cig. I have an aluminum tank that is wicked, with a 650 egoc battery.

    Thank you for any help possible.
  2. ftwendy


  3. I read that forum but i was also looking for the recipe for bho. I have made cooking oil and butter, but never bho. Thanks for any help,

    Dj Fury
  4. Natural


    bho is mad dangerous to's an outdoor sport where you inject pressurized high-grade butane through a special stainless tube into pyrex (praying it doesn't ignite and burn your ass)...then after an evaporative bath it's off to the vacuum purge station to release hidden butane.
    Trill pens sells carts for bho...full melt..and flowers.!cartridges/ctj5
    The new-new is the skillet bowl attachments and the micro vapes. You get more out of your oil.

    A thought if you have fam in CO or CA you can get pre-charged carts with whatever you want.
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  6. ftwendy


    Take your time, and do not skim when you read Gray's links... bho extraction is very rewarding, but its also very dangerous.

    Good luck, be safe.
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