Man killed by half-ton of marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Prime C, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Prime C

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  2. frebo

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    That's the first death I have heard of from marijuana.
  3. Green Giant

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    I was thinking the same thing!
  4. kolah

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    ...hate when that happens.
  5. soserthc1

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    Seriously that much pot in the car and you cant drive correctly .....
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  6. soserthc1

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    First on the scene you take the pot and roll ? being dude is dead all ready
  7. Prime C

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    lol.. one mans tragedy is another mans ****** lmao. Hell if I was broke I woulda carried away as much as possible. Im broke right now!:woot:

    I have a little story to tell. My uncle had this friend that used to grow weed. I actually used his light for my first indoor closet grow. So one day he's setting in his chair puffing some of his herb and starts to cough. His wife is in the shower and here's him hacking up a lung. When she got out there finally I guess he had a heart attack. I know the weed didnt kill him but thats about as close as it gets. I think the coughing triggered it though.
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  8. mastacheeser

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    This is how a wanna go out.
    Except naked with a raging hard on
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  9. soserthc1

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    if these are the only related stories to marijuana deaths then point is proven , hell the mexican wouldn't of died if 1) marijuana was legal in all states as there would be no need to smuggle junk over , you don't see them smuggling marlboro's over 2) he was not being chased by police ....
  10. soserthc1

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    Would hate to be the one who discovered your death .....
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  11. ttystikk

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  12. Prime C

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    If it takes 1000lbs to do the job then I think most of the world is safe. It should be legalized and written that no one shall possess more than 1000 lbs of Marijuana at any time!! Buahahaha;)
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  13. Seamaiden

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    OR! Really, what killed him was the packaging.

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  14. Prime C

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    In his case a"Crush Proof" container! lmao
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  15. kolah

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    I'd rather be dead than locked in a fucking cage for years.
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  16. ttystikk

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    So is this in a league with death by chocolate? Or, does it have to be smoking for that?
  17. fractal

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    Sounds about right, being crushed to death by a half ton of pot is about the only way it could actually kill you. Super ironic. . . I wonder how dank that Brazilian stuff is.
  18. Dagwood

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    There's this thing called "irony" LOL.

    I read about a guy who had a birth defect that resulted in his collapsing a lung and having it removed. Even though he knew better, he ended up sucking on a bong and that action collapsed his remaining lung and he died. Guess he was a good candidate for a Darwin award. It would suck to be him.
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  19. ttystikk

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    It did suck to be him...
  20. draco

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    aw gee, now my brain is all dirty... funny though!