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Marijuana Medical marijuana: Seed sales "gray area" with the state

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by GeneralRipper, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Seems to me like another big time new story for our community has been basically discounted as not news in its opening sentences:

    So basically I have gathered from the comments section is like all the seed packs in boulder have already been destroyed and denver is ok for now? Can anyone confirm? IF so that guy from westword mag has been fooled into downplaying stories for the MMED once again. No TV news producer or editor is going to pick up on such after reading the first two sentences alone. Punks are like trying to dismantle aspects the scene under the radar of major media outlets. Manipulating a underpaid journalist in the process.
  2. There really is no news here. ANYTHING sold in an MMC must be produced in a state licensed facility. Including seed, end of story. Like any gov't regulators, the MMED are not very knowledgeable about the industry they regulate, thus, seed production has never crossed their minds. Now that it has been put in their face, they must clarify the situation.

    What are you trying to say Ripper? Your post is rambling.
  3. kolah


    Maybe they should consult with the feds this time? as we have seen it does not matter what a state decides.

    The hell with it all. ...what a bunch of bullshit.
  4. Im upset with the Shadow warfare bullshit. They Downplay their actions to the media to the in a way that makes things that should be story worthy not. Kind of like how our government censors current war conflicts vs. the provocative footage the media captured during vietnam that caused our populous to be outraged. Whats next?

  5. Unit541



    I don't even pay attention anymore.

    It's just one of those things, you can't imagine the people making the laws we have to live by are that ignorant.

    Let's draft thousands of pages of bullshit rules to make people navigate in order to have their plants. Wait, what? I thought these drug dealers just waived their magic wands over a pot of dirt, and Cannabis sprouted...
  6. If this is true its good news for Colorado mmj seed companys!
  7. they clarifed in my shop like 8 months ago...MMED doesn't like seeds..