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    Can any of you OR. growers hit me up about MMJ law in OR? We are thinking about moving up there and want to get schooled on the laws. I spent a lot of my summers up there outside of Roseburg at my grandparents since '85, and my folks moved to Umpqua a few years back. Oregon is a touch of heaven. I'd love to grow there but want to stay safe. Do they accept out of state recomendations?
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    Oregon does accept out of state medical records, as signed by an Oregon doctor.

    The fastest course of action is to present your medical records to an Oregon MMJ clinic doctor for the required signature on the physicians recommendation sheet.

    Once you have the signature, the rest is just paying the new usury fees, being used to bail out other portions of the Oregon ecconomy.
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    Thank you, Grey Wolf
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    oregon for the win, such a mystical state
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    Oregon, taking Californians, one at a time. Hahaha
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    Yeah, out of state patients can register for a card in Oregon. The process is the same as it is for Oregon residents, you just gotta see a doctor that is licensed in Oregon (but the doctor has to be either an MD or an DO). Then once you get your doctor to sign your OMMP application you have to mail the completed application and the money (along with photocopies of ID's for the Patient, Grower, and Caregiver) to the DHS office that handles the OMMP program. And you gotta have an Oregon address listed as a grow site if you want to become an Oregon patient (even if you are not growing any medicine in Oregon). Most patients give the Caregiver card to a good friend that they trust just incase something happens and the patient is without medicine. The caregiver card allows the caregiver to transport medical marijuana from the grower to the patient. It also allows the caregiver to acquire medicine through other growers for the patient. And it will allow the caregiver to legally help the actual grower in the garden.

    Each patient is allowed to grow 6 mature plants (anything with flowers on it or anything bigger than 12" tall or wide) and 18 starts (seedlings, clones, anything without flowers and anything smaller than 12"). Each grower is allowed to have up to 4 patients at a time. But there are no limitations on how many growers that are allowed at each grow site (but most growers try to keep plant count to 99 plants or less to stay under the radar). Also each patient can have up to 24 ounces of dried useable marijuana at a time.

    It is legal for patients to reimburse growers for the cost of utilities and supplies used to produce any useable marijuana or plants (things such as water bill, electric bill, soil, nutrients, and equipment can be charged to the patient). But it is illegal to compensate growers for anything other than utilities and supplies (so you can't charge patients for time or labor spent on growing or gas used to deliver finished product).

    More info can be found at the official site for the OMMP Program. Here's the link: Oregon Medical Marijuana Program
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    :character0050::yes One of the more democratic MMJ programs thats for sure!
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    Thanks, Guys!!