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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Cali smoke, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Online Medical Marijuana
    JULY 31, 2009 12:38PM

    Well, we started a new Cannabis club in CA. The big difference between this one and others is that this one is totally online. It has only been open for two weeks so we are just starting.

    This is the way it works. You go online to and join the collective. There is a $2.95 one time fee. This is simply to insure that our time is not wasted by little freaks. Once you become a member you have to Email or fax a copy of your DRs recommendation to us. We will validate the recommendation and email a code to give purchasing abilities. View the product online at home, order and we will ship next day. Your order will be packaged with a copy of your recommendation and shipped to your house. We use standard carriers other than the Post Office.

    Your first order is discounted 10% and HIV,AIDS and CHEMO patients will receive a lifetime compassionate care 10% discount.

    As this is a totally new concept we are waiting to see what happens. The FEDS are always a concern. We have set up a Non-profit, Mutual benefit corporation. We are paying all sales taxes and are striving to remain perfectly legal per CA state statutes.

    Wish us luck, check out the site and I will keep everyone updated.
  2. I wish you guys much luck.
    I want to open a mobile coop with most of the proceeds going to charity.
    Great deal I will check it out.
  3. currently they have...

    Bubba Kush ($95 - 0.25 oz.) ($180 - 0.50 oz.) ($350 - 1 oz.)
    Big Bud x Train Wreck Cross ($100 - 0.25 oz.) ($190 - 0.50 oz.) ($370 - 1 oz.)
    & Ken's Granddaddy Purple ($95 - 0.25 oz.) ($180 - 0.50 oz.) ($350 - 1 oz.)
  4. Good Luck! Great idea :)
  5. 666elsie

    666elsie Guest

    My big Question is do you need a business licence?
    I just started a CC in my city and shitty hall would not give me a bus.lic.,cause I do not hold a federal card!!I'm in Canada,BC,land of bud and plenty!gl on your venture!
  6. great concept! however, I would list a menu on your homepage because I personally wouldn't sign up and PAY for a membership without seeing a menu and pictures of the medication! but that is just my personal opinion!
  7. good idea
    who wants to pay blind for something?
  8. Kinda pricey for meds, 5,600 plus per lb, I purchased in Palm Springs @ 85 per 1/8 on vacation. Can't believe the pricing for meds when most of us are low on cash.
    But then again it all part of the game, llllllllllllllll
  9. I saw there was some info going around about so I thought I would jump in. Im Doc Knowledge and I started Prices and products are kept for members view only. This is to keep underage and unqualified users off the site. The $2.95 fee is there to insure you are a legitimate customer. How much do you pay in gas and time to go look at something at your store? Is that worth a one time $2.95 charge?
    Tonight we will feature a new amazing dense purple strain. Make up your own name for it. $105 per 1/4 oz. This would cost you 85 an 1/8 anywhere else. This will probably last for just a few days.
    Pics are of a rare chinese plant with buds that grow out of the center of the fan leaves and a picture of the purp going on sale tonight. any questions got
  10. 85 an 8th elsewhere? wtf.
    i know a place capped at 45.........

    your prices are decent, but lets keep it real.
  11. Sorry about the off topic post,but I just had to comment about that Chinese strain pictured above. Could you direct me towards more info about it?
    On topic now,and I would like to wish you well on your endeavors. It is a great idea and could certainly fill a need for many patients. I will direct every patient I personally know to your site. Some,I'm sure would like to avail themselves of your service.

    Respect bass
  12. I really like your concept however I would never pay for your site without seeing an updated menu first! with medical websites like weedtracker people always know what is available before they leave home to purchase there medication. As I am a california medical patient and I am only trying to give you constructive criticism...
  13. For people not clost to LA and other club friendly areas, seems like a good deal to me. Going rate for 1/4ers at the club is 120 ish so.....
  14. Monkey

    Monkey Guest

    I could not think of anywhere else :speechless

    Concerned Monkey:animal0057:
  15. NorCalHal

    NorCalHal Guest

    Rare Chinese plant that grows bud from the center of the leaf?
    I have seen many a Kush do the same....

    $105 for top notch is average I guess...but to claim it's worth $85 an eighth is just wrong bro. Specially for purp...and that looks like GDP.

    Not knocking you man, and I understand the 2.95 fee, good thinking.
  16. sounds like a great idea to me, but what do i know, i'm a dumb Floridian, hahah....the prices look pretty straight to me, heady shit hear, as in gdp, anything purple and any cali bud that is mailed in, is always super pricey, 120 a quarter minimum...i've seen dudes trying 160 a q, just highway robbery in my opinion...but thats why i grow myself, i set the prices and can really hook my friends and fam up...take care and happy growing...:bong-hits:

  17. i love when people who don't have the capital available to buy the bud in bulk complain about what they think bud should cost on the retail end.

    not only does the capital have to be raised, but then the product has to be securely stored, packaged, shipped, couriers have to be paid, supplies have to be bought.... employees have to be paid, rent has to be paid... the list goes on and on.

    there is a HUGE difference between $3600lb buds and $5200lb buds.... and pricing is done accordingly. QUALITY COSTS EVERYONE... gotta pay up.

    and for those who do not know or care to look away when its brought up - one of the responsibilities of a dispenary is to minimize RESALE on the street... its not supposed to be 'warehouse pricing' for dealers to load up and slang to their associates.

    if you don't like the prices, you don't have to buy it - find another source or buy the cheap buds.

    or better yet step up your 'closet game' so you dont have to pay the piper. :emo
  18. Monkey

    Monkey Guest

    Hi GreySkull...

    I do not think you are really getting the demographic that you are speaking to here... None of the responders are -----
    Plus I think everyone here knows----
    What I believe we are all saying is his comparison was not a good one....that is all :hi:

  19. okay.
    i must have totally misunderstood these posts then...

    because those come across that way (complaing about pricing) to me. of course my 'asshole-mode' button is flashing, too...

    no harm meant to those who understand the way the business flows.
  20. Monkey

    Monkey Guest

    Cali's comment maybe but still not enough to go into that kinda lengths and Livinglegend knows whats up for sure!

    ya man this is not greedtracker.... the people frequenting this place are savvy and we just do not like being told that wonderful green apples that cost 1.99 a pound are being sold at 1.89 a lbs and consider yourself lucky because This would cost you 85 an 1/8 anywhere else.

    Just a bad advertisement...
    105 a 1/4 sent to your home...that is pretty much a deal if it is really the same stuff. I have seen some serious rip-off Cannabis-mail order stuff happening online...not one has been legit atleast for nugs!

    So lets smoke some of our 85 an 1/8 purple and thank god we grow~!:rollj: