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meet the honeycomb

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by Capulator, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter


    Lighting: (7) Double stacked 1k Super blue over 600 400v phillips GP. Lights 72" OC

    24 plants @ 41" OC

    Projected space from light to canopy at finish 24". Projected plant width at any given point: 18", allowing for max penetration.

    Plants to be trained in the shape of a mercedes benz star and centered on each intersection of the hexagons, and at each point on the perimeter of the "honeycomb". Plants around the center bulb will get three sides of double stacked light. Centers are tight but height is not. I plan to spread the plants out and let the branches grow in to each other. I am aiming for 0 LARF with no defoliation or pruning.

    This room is 20 x20 x12H. flowering only.

    6 elusive jk buckets, and 18 custom planters on casters with undecided media. Probably peat and pumice.

    Wire grid on ceiling. Will be hanging 6' diameter cages from it around each light set. Will be utilizing a shit ton of yo yos.
  2. I like it, I like it... I'm going to re-read and make sure I'm visualizing it correctly.
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  3. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter


    The big honeycomb shape will all be plant canopy. I figure the canopy will reach 7'-8' tall. The buckets will be off the ground like my MPB, so the canopy will start about 3' off the ground and go up to 10-11 feet off the ground... I calculated almost 800 sq ft. of canopy, all getting hit with at least 1600 W of light. In a 400 sq. ft. room that ain't too shabby when you look at efficiency.
  4. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter

    Here the color may help:


    The black buckets underneath is what the plants will be coming out of. I only placed the 6 center ones, but there will be 24 total.
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  5. It would be easier to see if you could create a diagram that showed each plant in a different color, to see where they fit together. I understand you said that it was fine if they grew together, but the basic pattern would be helpful?

    Got instance, do the lines in the middle of the hexagon shapes mean two plants, one on each side? If not, how do they fit together?

    You're not going to train any of it???

    Six foot diameter openings, to allow for 18" depth of canopy. This with the double stack?
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  6. At 8' tall, I fear you will have hot spots in the middle and unacceptable darkness at top and bottom of each cylinder. How will you spread the light vertically?
  7. How the hell you getting inside that thing to maintain? Is all of this moveable?
  8. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    Glad you got things worked out.What girls will be going in there and what size buckets are you going to use? That design looks like it will be physically hard to work with. That plant in the middle,how are you going to deal with it? Suerte JK
  9. I was thinking the same think Jk, only thing I could think of would be to turn the lights off and army crawl into that mofo. Either that cap or completely re-enforce your cage ceiling and suspend from the roof to do your training hahah.. Just messin lol
  10. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter

    I walk around in my rooms guys. The buckets are raised up 3 feet and the lights hang @ 6' right above my head.

    The cages surrounding each light are 6' in diameter and will be double stacked since the roll of cow fence is 4' wide. So I will have big ass cages that are 6' in diameter and 8' tall from ceiling down. I may not use cages I may just go with tons of yo yos from the ceiling.

    I have a method that supports the whole branch. If you hang a yo yo so that when you pull it down it is traveling in the same direction as the branch is growing, you can use it as a whole branch stake. I plan on using very long pieces of wire for this instead of the short ones I use now, so I can grab them without getting on a ladder and hook them in to the node. It's really easy to train this way. You can open the plant in any direction you want, even nearly sideways, and the branch is still supported.

    Here is my current set up for explanation:


    OK so in the pic above can you see how the plant on the right has been trained as a "plus sign". The honeycomb will be like this except that the shape of the plant will be a mercedes benz star instead of a plus sign. FOr you hippies instead of mercedez benz star imagine a peace sign with the bottom piece that comes straight down chopped off. The center of the star or peace sign will be the center of the plant. The benz star allows more canopy exposed. The plus sign leaves a lot to be desired in the middle of the plant still, and it is dark in there.


    So in this picture above ^^^ You can see that this system is 30" above the ground. The trunk of the plant starts at around 34" actually, so I can sit on a rolling stool and work quite easily at the soil level. I do not crawl around in the room... I walk casually through man made cannabis tunnels!


    In the above picture you can see a yo yo coming in from the side, pulling the branch in whatever direction I want it to grow- in this case up and to the left. When I use a long wire on the yo yo instead of a short one, I will be able to wrap the branch around the wire like a vine, and at harvest I will unhook the wire, straighten the tip, and pull it through the branch from above.


    And in this pic ^^^ you can see how I use yo yos to make a temporary espalier going around the bulbs. You can also see some claw!!! Too much N this round, and not enough P. Had to spray some MKP tonight... These plants are about 4 feet tall and 5' wide.


    A shot from above ^^ in the foreground you can see that there are 1 and a half plants and you can see how in between the two I have fanned them out to maximize the light each branch is getting, so all the major branches get side light from the top almost to the bottom: hence, no LARF!
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  11. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter

    In short a cage from the ceiling and raised plants with suspended cages, lights, and lots of yo yos, gives you complete freedom to walk around as you please. the way a plant grows, the foliage isn't any good from about a ft/ up form the trunk once they get to 4' + so trust me it's easily managed.

    The hexagon shape allows for aisles of buckets, one row offset from the next. All the plumbing is under the buckets, draining from left to right in to the control room next door, and I will be able to access the aisles from the left side of the room, where the doors are.

    This set up has been in the planning stages for 1 year.
  12. damn bro , talk about maximization of square footage ! I appreciate the fact that you think outside the box enough to come up with this idea , got some talent in that cranium of yours

    how high are the ceilings in the room this set-up is going to be built in

    and to shape them are you using fencing built into the honeycomb shape ?

    I'm just tryn to pick-up what your layn down ~ I think I'm smelln what ur steppn in here
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  13. what keeps the honeycomb effect on the outside perimeter is what I'm really wondering here

    The Honeycomb Effect << great name for the thread when ya get this rig underway
  14. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter


    I will be using yo yos from the ceiling. A wire grid attached to the ceiling allows you to move things wherever you want them. Yo yo's are especially easy, but I plan on pre hanging 400 or so with 3 and half foot wires attached to them. So when you look in the room you will see 400 wires hanging from the ceiling, but because they will be on yo yos you can pull them wherever you need them and they will pull back, supporting the branches and flowers.

    This ceiling is almost 12' tall. 11'8" exactly.

    I like that name too. honeycomb effect. I bet I get a large following of dabbers by accident. Post #10 just above explains it pretty well, and you can see how the yo yos work to spread the plant out how you want it.
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  15. i like it wish i had that kind of room my ceiling is 7' :(
  16. pimp shit ! I didn't understand , but with the quantity of yoyo's , I get it.. I'd read it twice , but was still having an issue envisioning it , but I gotcha now

    I'm gonna steal your yoyo with a wire method and give it a grow . Have a couple strains that get outta hand huge , and to beable to train and support them in that method sounds ingenious !

  17. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    Well I think your going to get your first scar from growing with that rig, but it will allow you to enter the secret society of the Tree Tenders. I know someone with boxes of 22.5* and 45* pvc fitting if that might help frame that out. Suerte JK
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  18. Sick! Love to see this unfold. Good luck buddy.
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  20. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter


    Not gonna be my first scar JK!!

    I burned the shit outta my arm the other day and last month almost caught my head on fire. LOL
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