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Mega Plus 5X Butane 2037 Need Info Plz!

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by BigJer, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. xikar, Lucienne, Newport, and a whole bunch of other good brands are all from the same company, just rebranded. Figured that out after a little websearchin...
  2. haole


    I was just a searchin, but maybe I'm not so good with the search function... so

    got a link?

    Also lucienne has two types, made in UK and made in Korea... any info on the differences in the factories?


    Seems every time I use vector, oil is harsher than the lucienne runs...
  3. I might have been mistaken, they do make colibri, lucienne, newport, don't see xikar tho.

    To be honest, I'm finding I prefer Lucienne to Vector, the oil seems to just be better tasting when I make it with Lucienne. YMMV.

    As far as the diff between England and Korea manufacturers, not sure, but I have read posts saying English gas seems cleaner...

    Looking at the site, you could have your own brand of 'tane made by these folks, in sizes 90, 250, and 300ml cans, 6x12 cans per case, 50,000 cans minimum order. Anyone wanna pitch? :damnhippie: LOL!!!
  4. HeLLMuTT

    HeLLMuTT Thinks of Stinks Supporter


    Lucienne huh? I have not tried it but at half the price of vector, I would buy a case for sure. Lots of places sell it online, gunna give it a whirl.
  5. haole


    Interesting... thanks!!!

    On the link it says

    "For all such thermal products the butane lighter refill must not have an impurity content above 50 parts per million (i.e. one part in 20,000 parts) because a higher impurity content MAY DAMAGE THE EQUIPMENT BEYOND REPAIR."

    This implies that they are offering a butane with stable non-volatile impurities not more than 50 ppm... while xikar is offering 30. It'd be interesting to ask newport keen their take on this...