Met 52 stops Root Aphids

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  1. Onespark

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    I keep seeing people experiencing Root Aphid issues. There is a ton of confusion about combating this pest out there, and for good reason. They are hard to kill. I see recommendations that will NOT work all over the threads.

    Neem oil, Azamax and Diatomaceous Earth are not going to help you.

    The problem seems to be spreading. So I am going start a new thread for Metarhizium Anisopliae Strain F52. This fungus will eradicate Root Aphid attacks. I have not seen a root aphid in 9 months. I had them bad.

    We have kicked this around in the Colorado forum for a while but I thought people should see this in the infirmary to make the information available to anyone browsing through problems. If you have tested Met 52 or used it on RA's with success, or without, please chime in. If you want to discuss this fungus or have any questions, this is the place. I want to see more people using this fungus so we can be sure the RA's are not mutating and building resistance to it. I am also interested to see the different variations in the species out there. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Anyone who needs Met 52 send me a PM and I will get you the info you need to have it sent your way.
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  2. treehugger

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    Hmmm, eradicate is your verb of choice? 100% gone and forgotten you seek to say?
  3. cannarado

    cannarado Premium Farmer

    My boy had RA's bad in his coco. He used the MET52 and those fuckers were gone in days.
  4. Onespark

    Onespark Farmer

    TH - My point is that I have seen Met 52 "eradicate" Root Aphids in more than a few grows including mine. I have not seen it fail... yet. I realize life is in constant evolutionary flux...

    "I want to see more people using this fungus so we can be sure the RA's are not mutating and building resistance to it."

    I realize it may not work for everyone or on every root aphid. I have seen some great success with Met and I would like people to have access to it if they are facing the frustration of losing crops to Phylloxera. I am in no way claiming that this will fix everyone's problem, in every situation. I am only dealing with one "version" of the Root aphid on cannabis in my experience. There could be many different genetic variations out there beyond those studied. I don't know if there are Root aphids that are immune to the fungus. Altimood was using Met and has posted some strange behavior of the RA's on youtube that raises some interesting questions. When the French had to graft all their vine stock on to California root stock they were using Met 52 with some great success but it was not 100% success. They still have a wine industry though, right?. There is always a way when nature seeks to evolve to a situation. I would like to see more people using Met 52 and reporting their results so that we have a broad source of data available. I think gardening will always require proactive measures to stop invasions of unwanted pests and disease. It's just the nature of cultivation. Looking for the most efficient and sustainable ways possible to maintain healthy crops through adversity is the name of the game.

    Cannarado - I have your Black Domina X Space Queen cross going... What beautiful plants! Nice work on the beans!
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  5. altimood

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    I have been using this product for close to 6 months now. Root aphids are alive in my grow space and continue to possess the ability to reproduce. However, my space is pretty large. In the months prior to now I have seen no ill effects from root aphids or their presence in my space. My plants continue to thrive and maintain excellent health. I think it would be hard for me to expect to eradicate root aphids physically from my space because of its size, however based on my observations of Met 52 and root aphids I do believe root aphids could be eradicated in a non-commercial type space (i.e. tent, basement). I have no scientific data to back that up. Its just my opinion. It is also my humble opinion that if used from the beginning to end of a plants life cycle (in my case from clone transplanted into a 3 gallon soft pot container of coco and 6-7 grams of granular Met 52), Met 52 will 100% eradicate the ability for root aphids to effect plants in any negative manner period. I now use only Met 52 and no other products against root aphids. Incidentally, Met 52 doesn't kill fungus gnats or their larvae, but it kills the hell out of root aphids. feel free to pm me with any questions about my personal experience with this product.
    Thank you again Onespark for the opportunity to test this product as it has literally changed the game here. I'm actually winning for once. Now its the eriophyid mite we need to worry about. Lord have mercy.
  6. Venom818

    Venom818 Well-Known Farmer

    is this the same as merit 75
  7. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    no bro merit 75 is highly concentrated imadicloprimid

    met 52 is more similar to botanigaurd - except the met isnt a liquid - its basically cereal grains impregnated with Metarhizium anisopliae fungus

    when a root aphid (or any soil borne insect) comes in contact with the met 52 it releases spores on the insect that grow a fungus that envelopes the insect

    any other bug that comes in contact with an affected bug will also get the fungus and when an affected bug dies its carcass will implode releasing more fungal spores into the colony

    pretty crazy shit really

    the problem with met 52 is it you cant really treat flowering plants with it as it need to pre mixed into your medium
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  8. Venom818

    Venom818 Well-Known Farmer

    thnx anybody have a link where to buy this stuff
  9. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    pm sent
  10. cemchris

    cemchris Well-Known Farmer

    LOL except what I have seen It actually works against them unlike botaniguard.

    Seems people dont want to hear what they do doesn't work. I watched it. If I still had them or if they came back that's the route I'm gonna roll. Thx again Onespark and Altimood for being guinea pigs.
  11. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    word - just meant it was a fungal application and not a chemical systemic
  12. altimood

    altimood Well-Known Farmer

    So much botaniguard sold for root aphids. Makes me laugh because that stuff ain't cheap! what up cemchris! hope all is well!
  13. Shamrock

    Shamrock New Farmer

    Can someone please send me the info to order. Will this stuff kill the fliers? or do I need a pyreth bomb for those?

    I pmed onespark but im sure after posting this thread he has a lot of pm's
  14. Venom818

    Venom818 Well-Known Farmer

    What do you mean bro so i cant just mix some into a gallon and inject a dose into my plants maybe im misunderstanding.
  15. deep buddy

    deep buddy Well-Known Farmer

    yeah for sure expensive and weak! ive been killing the fuck out of em w/ triazicide. its nice i really like watching them do homer simpson circles while they die. i really dont know if it is going to work for the long haul. so some met 52 sounds great! and my botanigard 22wp says its Beauveria bassiana strain dont know if the met 52 is different strain or just different substrains(?). anywho link me up or pm me on the source for the met52.
  16. oldschooltofu

    oldschooltofu Farmer

    so does botaniguard NOT work?

    i cant find met52 for sale anywhere on the internet

    i need to do treatment ASAP so any help would be advisable
    should i do
    1) nemetotes (available today)
    2) botaniguard (have to order 2-3 days shippping) does it work?
    3) met 52 (how do i get it?) its granular so dont think it will be good for 4 weeks in

    plants are 4 weeks in flower. need something to control/kill till i can harvest.
    been treating gnats, but now i know they are need to switch methods

    please advise.
    is botaniguard worth it?
  17. Onespark

    Onespark Farmer

    Botaniguard to me was a rip off. Root aphids came back twice as strong after two or three weeks. Met is cheaper and it works. PM's sent
  18. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    yeah bro it dont work that like - not in a liquid or liquid solable form

    just fungus on cereal that you mix into your medium
  19. Onespark

    Onespark Farmer

    "i really dont know if it is going to work for the long haul. so some met 52 sounds great! and my botanigard 22wp says its Beauveria bassiana strain dont know if the met 52 is different strain or just different substrains(?). anywho link me up or pm me on the source for the met52."

    It's a different fungus. Meterhizium Anisopliae F52. Not related to the Bassiana. They have a similar attack method but the Bassiana can't crack the Root Aphid shell. It's nice for fungus gnats and soft bodied critters.

    Good news folks. Met 52 liquid drops by the end of November!!
  20. altimood

    altimood Well-Known Farmer