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Mikado Geneology

Discussion in 'The Breeders Lab' started by FlyinJStable, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. I have been looking into a great Old school bean for my small group to cross with my Nyvia II plant

    I dont want to copy or take away from the great stuff done already so why not go the other end and start at an oldies but goodies

    It was a Federation Seed called Mikado I have very limited information on them
    I just want to know how or if the gene pool has been lost or if you can help me
    this is what I know from reading on it only its mostly Indica OK but from where ?

    Mikado was made by the Federation seed company. With a long jagged single leaf pattern indica plant
    This is a BURB from HAZEMAN SEEDS:
    Hazeman seeds wanted to preserve one more good old strain. And have everyone enjoy it. Mikado is predominantly Indica, quick maturing, large-yielding strain. With a long jagged single leaf pattern. Mikado can be harvested 45 days after flowering is started. Perfect for a sea of green. Long-lasting effect.
    and this information was located:

    Mikado is a fast producing indica, finishing as early as August in temperate outdoor latitudes and as soon as 6 weeks indoors with desirable yields. A title for the emperor of Japan, the name Mikado is composed of the Japanese words “mi” (honorable) and “kodo” (gate of the imperial palace). Other interpretations give this term the meanings “God of the Sun” and “open August gate” in Japanese. hence is it a Japanese Strain ?

    Federation developed this variety around 1993. Flavored like wild raspberries, this branchy variety develops purple leaves and calyxes during maturity. The buds are very fat and squat with distinctly pink hairs upon finish. Federation recommends growing Mikado indoors as a larger multi-branched plant, which suits the tendencies of this variety, leading to a better yield……… Sea of green is less than optimal for this indica, since it like to stay short and spread out. A terrific choice for outdoor growing, Mikado can yield a pound per plant and reduces work and worry with its early finish.

    The Mikado high is a mellow body stone that is good for an evening smoke, especially when enjoying casual activities such as watching movies or chilling out with your friends.

    Winner, Nimbin Cup 2000

    outdoor mikado from Hawaii the stuff just reeked very skunky almost roadkill skunk
    or is that part hype and its from Highlands of locklushure overlooking the land of make believed

    @JAWS @Capulator @Kendo @Texas Kid @Hazeman @med man @Medusa @caregiverken @caveman4.20 @ttystikk
  2. I tagged a handful of you because of the major number that follow you all
    The better the plant is IMHO
    transparency and the facts are what make The farm a great source for this......
    Thank you all of you just for taking the time to read it
  3. Is that the Mikado in the LuLu from NAG? Thats all I know of Mikado plus the plethora of articles in the personal experience yet unless it's in the LULU beans I got from NAG
    It's incredible plant and I've never seen a bad pic of it or read anything negative on it.

    I'm a fan
  4. Power OG

    Power OG

    Yes LULU is (Green crack x mikado) by nag, I can e-mail Mdogg I know he knows more on the mikado.
  5. There you have it. I can't wait to experience that LuLu grow first hand
    I would use a Mikado male if you enjoy growing all the sisters

    For instance I have this lulu's witch I'm goin to play a close attention to the sisters and as soon as they qualify there brother would be an honor to use in a chuck......I'm not saying that is proven with just a pack but if all the sisters satisfy your needs then their brother should carry plenty of that???? Just an opinion but yah it's a good start to look for a male in my most humble opinion
  6. Yes and Yes Guys that why I am so interested as the LuLu I ran
    and what information Northern alliance shared with me
    I am Jones-in on the history we dont know its like a closed held secret that this bean just appeared in the hands of federation
    and its the Bomb for sure... the more we find out the more and old school genetic can be documented. will share it all to.
    IMO its going to make a great story and the J just loves the Stories. . . . . LoL
    Keep diggin It Farmers
  7. So you have these Mikado seeds or plan to attain them? Just asking as far as availability?
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  8. The understanding is Hazman has um for sale and I am hopeful to have a few in my hands before spring to play with
  9. The request for them has been made
    and I want to find the single leaf Pheno that is resberry or close to it as possible....
  10. Get em quick man genetics like that beg to be breed and preserved....
  11. So your Nyvia II is a lulu pheno or has nothing to do with lulu....?
    That fuzzy wine looking pheno of lulu in your thread is mouthwatering, does that one smoke as great as it looks?
  12. This all started for me when I was gifted a few lulu ran a beautiful plant and I smoked the creamy berry flavored pheno I had grown I WAS HOOKED she is what I want to chase.
    Mostly for the fun of it too.
  13. Yes the lulu is the wine colored Purple crack pheno, with the Mikado taste and high

    my Nyvia is the Hashplant looking girl from my stand stand thread NyviaII is Nothing to do with LuLu or Mikado
    I just like the idea of Lemon Cream Pie
  14. Oh I got it nice sounds like a match made in heaven
  15. The Nyvia II is Blue OG x Georgia bag seed
    that is the most lemon pungent Diesel fuel y pheno that my PTSD group has a liking to
    she has not been run well and needs a few more passes under the HPS
    before I feel good to cross her with a Viable male and I believe this would make a great plant
    again IDK im so for the fun and the kicks of playing with this wonderful plant
    and Caveman, you know me by now its all in fun and keeps me smiling to say I can share something Kewl...
  16. @Motarebel might have info on the mikado,he did some work with it.I have his rocky mountain high beans which are mikado x colorado green bud i think.
  17. MIKADO was originally JAPANESE INDICA
    The new available information is this
    in the early years of Mark Emery's seed company the true Mikado beans were gifted to him from a friend that had just returned from the far east. in turn he sold 0, the originals were gifted to the growers and breeders of there time and what is available now will be the off spring of the westernized version of this Genetic.

    a Japanese providence south of a small town called Togane...... Mikado was a small area of that provenance That had the original strain, and then carried into the western states.... crossed and bred then the few who still have them may be out there but I will be happy with what I have
    its the fun of the Hunt without the drama. . . . .
    Peace FlyJ
  18. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter

    cool thread fly J
  19. Calixylon


    Are you hunting for the plant or cut, or do you have the beans yet or at least reserved? And is the single leaf variation a rare one? I'd love to see some pics of the single leaf variant, any around? I wish more weirdo strains like that and ducks foot were preserved and available. Last time I got the duck foot it was amazing, and nimbin Australia always seems to produce those strange leafed strains? Coincidence or weather
  20. I dont remember emerys mikado,i do remember federation's mikado from the late 90s i think.