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Mills Pays The Bills

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by FrostFactory, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, I wanted to start this thread and share my experience using the Mills nutrient line. There isn't very much documentation about this line out there and I've read in a few other threads that people are interested in seeing how it performs, so here you go. This is my first time running this line, and I've got to say, it is shaping up to be my best grow yet. The line itself is super easy to use, only needing to mix three products together to make a feed. There is no need to ph the water afterwards, as it always comes out to 5.8 for me. I have been following the medium feed chart exactly. I also add SM-90 at 2 mL per Gal. I am growing in Sunshine #4 and using Gavita DE Pro e-series for the lighting. These photos are of day 21 in the flowering cycle, and I will be posting weekly until the harvest to document the rest of the grow. I have never had flowers so big this early in the cycle, and the plant health is impeccable. If anyone else has experience with Mills then post your info and photos here. Stay tuned for more. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Killer canopy. No info on the nute line from me, from where im sitting looks like all is well. U gonna have a happy harvest day soon time. What nute line were ya rocking before you decided to rock out with Mills???
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  3. I was running AN. I've also used Botanicare and Dyno as well as a hodge-podge of different runs using varied bases combined with all manner of additives and sweeteners. I should mention that I am currently adding Great White to my feed as well.
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  4. i been looking at this line but very little info out there like u said. why did u stop useing dyna? im currently using dyna and veg+bloom which both are good imo. what made u stop running dyna? great looking canopy man those plants are gonna be fat come harvest
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  5. Looks real nice bro! I bet switching Great White out for Cap's bennies would bring it to the next level!
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  6. Not for nothing but everyone I know rocking mills is doing good. It's super simple, inexpensive and gets the job done.

    Are you running the new Vitalize?
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  7. I had good results with Dyna. I didn't have any particular reason for switching from them, I just wanted to change things up. I liked them a lot more than botanicare. My only complaint with Dyna is that my nutes would always crystallize before I was finished using them. It never seemed to bother the plants though. I'll check out caps bennies, I've never used them. I am not using Vitalize. I haven't seen it on the shelves at my hydro shop yet. I am thinking about adding Terpinator with Mills next time. I hear that is a killer combo.
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  8. The Terps

    The Terps

    Vitalize is the real deal IMO nice thick stalks even on lanky flimsery stuff. I run mills right meow to and have had good results (but I haven't found a brand that produced bad ever). I feed sea green, vitalize every once in awhile some Mendocino honey in coco dtw. I was running nutrifeild before that but I like the simple stuff right now. Let mills pay my bills so the terps can go fishing!
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  9. I'd definitely check out the vitalize. It's fasilitor for half the price basically. I think we all agree it works.

    I'd personally skip the terpinator and grab a liter of canna boost and foliar late veg/early flower 1x week. Might throw in a little Budswel, Sea Green or Teas to spice things up as well.

    In regard to Mills, it's just a good value for the money compared to other liquid nutrients in our industry. For people lacking knowledge and seeking simplicity I think this is a great line. I expect they'll see a big uptick in business between H&G being down for a few months and all the GH/Scott's haters. We were sampled some along with the coco/cork and I must say I was impressed. We're rocking Heavy/Aptus now and may make the switch if we can replicate our results on a second run. We happen to get a particularly good deal on this line (which id be more than happy to share, pm me) so it's certainly a better value as long as we can pull the same #s (which we did on first run).
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  10. i agree mine had it in there as well. all i did was set my foliage pro out in the sun for a few hours and everthing is back to normal. i know u cant let it get to cold so now i keep the bottle in the house with me so it never does that no more. i was freaked out when i first heard what sounded like rocks in the bottle lol im also gonna add terpinator this year but only gonna use it for flowering stage
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  11. Hey guys, here is my day 35 update on this grow. Sorry I missed last week's, I just wasn't available to take the photos. Anyways, things are still doing great. The plants are bulking up real nice and I have started running the Ultimate PK phase of the schedule. I decided to boost the plants up to the heavy feed program for the last phase of the grow to get the most out of my ladies. I also started adding Budswell at 10 mL per Gal for this stage as well. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  12. Wow! those looks beautiful brother!! some pretty fat ass nugs and a full screen of green goodness,well done
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  13. @frostyfactory lookin good brother i just reccenintly started running mills for a few of my ladies for next round there still in solo cup so for the first feeding i cut it down by half ran 2ml of basis a basis b instead of 4 and1 ml of start r instead of 2 resulting in no burningl naturally so i stepped it up on the second feeding last nite to the low dose feeding of 4ml and 2ml gave one straight water in between tho but they seem to be loveing it ni burning looking healthy was going to transplant them into dna cork mills coco mix and run coco for the first time well see howit gioes! keep up the killer work looking good on your end
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  14. Nice work buddie
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  15. Mills is the tits. Lookin good brother. Any updates????
  16. Reebs


    i've been a botanicare guy for years, i'm giving H&G a few runs and then i'm going to try mills.

    alot of grow shops out here in colorado
    are really pushing mills right now, all the employees are using it etc..

    i talked to one guy who has been using the mills line since pre-sales stage of the nutrient line and needless to say he's a huge fan, but he switched from H&G becuase like u said he just wanted to change things up and he never turned back.

    i'm deff gonna give mills a run when i'm done with my H&G nutes.

    i was curious tho if you see the need for any other additives? or why u chose not to use many other additives?

    i kind of like to do a lil of everything approach just to cover the bases, works for me, i was just curious your thoughts.
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  17. No NEED for other additives but we do use the new vitalize and budswel. Maybe toss in a little Seagreen here and there and spray last weeks of veg and early bloom with Canna Boost. We've run the line with NOTHING else (without Vitalize) and destroyed it in both terms of numbers and quality. This truly is one of the simplest, effective yet least costly lines out, period. I'm wearing a mills shirt right now coincidently lol ;)
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  18. I have never run the nutrient line but I can say I am not impressed with the company as a whole. I have emailed them twice regarding wholesale opportunities to put the product line on my shelf's and have had zero responses.
  19. Mills always pays the bills :)
  20. How often are you feeding and watering with mills? Using promix hp with 700-750ppm base/boost bumping up to 850(.500scale) with Calmag in an autopot setup(1000w hps). Just experimenting with what works best and trying not to lock them out since the autopots constantly supplies noots from the res and keeps soil moist. Currently mixing a 25 gal res for 8 plants which is used up in about 3-4 days then adding fresh ph water to res(8 gallons)for a day or so(might try adding 200ppm of calmag during this time as well). Then clean res and repeat. Essentially the plants get 3 gallons of noots then around a gallon each of water/calmag then repeated. Resin production is phenomenal but weight has been avg. Question applies to gardeners that constantly feed noots like drip systems and autopots. Thanks
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