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Mimed’s Perpetual Thread

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by MIMedGrower, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. I guess after 5 years of perpetual growing and more than 35 years smoking herb and in the industries black market its time i start my own thread.

    I grow a small but productive medical garden with mrs. Mmg and i allowed up to 24 plants. We both have realized health benefits from weed and have strived for top quality in the garden over yield or money.

    Greed is the killer when farming in my opinion. Patience and details are key.

    For now i just want to post some pics from last night when i entered the flower room at lights on.

    I just love it when things are going well (of course) and had to take pics of the garden waking up.

    Each plant is from a feminized seed and is a different strain/cross/pheno staggared about 10 days apart on average for a continued variety of flowers.

    I did this also to remain in plant count with a higher output and space management per month while keeping to the rediculous 2.5 oz per patient rule of weed on hand allowed.

    The house has appeared to be in full compliance the whole time.

    With rec now legal i may monocrop in a new 4x8 tent and actually take some time off. I have gardened every day for 4 years in a row.

    I have health issues from birth that prematurely ended my sales management carreer and now work more often. Lol.

    Sorry. I will shut up now and post pics.

    D126D3F6-D0F9-460A-A460-495A7C219A01.jpeg C4787456-E0F9-4C07-8189-4ED03934418D.jpeg A5C49501-EF1F-40C3-A7BE-B7466B8595C8.jpeg ABDEAAFA-2DF6-4828-AB8B-2B621BDAE6DF.jpeg 75A192C2-CAE6-4DAC-9837-919B778CA43D.jpeg 41231F59-9C19-4595-A3AC-E70E8C387A73.jpeg

    Presently these are all CH9 seeds. I have tried many different seeds and we tend to like ch9 best. Almost 100% germination after hundreds of plants and fantastic old school effects combined with strong medical effects. And bred from some of the best genetics ever available in my opinion.

    I will still mix in other genetics as I go.

    Hope that was a good intro. I will try to update often and all other growers are welcome. Except for trolls. Lol.
  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Awesome setup bro. With recreational on the books you can actually posses as much as you grow as long as you can prove you grew it. There’s been some discussion about that lately with local legislators and law enforcement and it’s been clarified that is the case. Of course that doesn’t pertain to medical but I think you’d be ok because of it if you do go over.

    Can’t wait to see how this progresses. Keep up the good work bro!
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  3. Thanks man!

    But i thought it was 5 oz now. Got any links?
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  4. Dirtbag


    That's a crazy personal posession limit. My medi-license let's me grow 49 plants and have up to 7 pounds at home and half pound on my person in public. Add to that Canadas legal status, I can also grow an additional 4 plants and give up to an ounce to anyone anytime.
    Nice healthy looking plants you've got there though. Thanks for sharing.
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  5. Thanks i work hard at it. :)

    I will start documenting my method.

    Here is my 3x3 veg tent.


    It resides in the small room adjacent to the flower room and serves as a work room and lung room.
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  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    You can posses upto 10 ozs with the recreational statute.

    Here’s one of my consultant friends on IG’s post.


    Now don’t quote me on it but several of us have been discussing this and there have been a few articles written by the Detroit free press and mlive that discuss this as well. I’ll have to find those for ya.
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  7. Thats right. 10 oz at home and 2.5 in the vehicle. I have not seen rules on the new home limit but it sure would make sense.
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  8. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    What strains from ch9? I was googling them and found that was a brand not a strain in particular. Doh.
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  9. The breeder has streamlined his catalog in liew of offering bulk deals last while. But i have had many of his strains.

    Currently growing

    Blue Lemon Thai
    Herijuana x Jack 33
    Black Widow x BLT
    POW 33
    Toxic Blue 33
    Citral x POW 33
    Citral POW x Greenbud (accidental pollination)
    Aroma x Blue Lemon Thai

    And in jars

    Critical Mass x BLT
    OG Kush x Trainwreck
    Warlock x Vintage 2006
    Aroma x BLT
    Citral x POW 33

    I have a catalog pdf i will look for. Pretty current.
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  10. Maybe i shouldnt post his catalog here on thc farmer. Not trying to sell seeds. I have no affilliation with ch9.
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  11. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Was just curious. It’s nice to know what we’re looking at.

  12. All the strains should come up online.

    I will feature plants and do reports as i post in here.
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  13. Here is a recent harvest.

    Warlock x Vintage 2006

    Warlock is a famous plant by Magus Genetics and Vintage 2006 is an early CH9 plant with a cubed mix of Sensei Seeds Jack Herrer, Power Plant, Hash Plant and Afghani I believe the ch9 hybrid.

    The seeds were old and in the original paper pack (later used foil sealed packs) and i had some trouble germinating amd as a seedling. But she pulled through that and a few nutrient stress/ recovery weeks we had.

    Took 12 weeks to finish with the issues but she came out great.

    Straight out of Flower Room

    With camera flash

    One of the many big top buds.

    Fan and small loose leaves removed for harvest. Camera flash on

    Camera flash off

    Hung dry cut up branches with bud leaves intact 9 days. Jarred about a week now. (whats left lol patients have no patience).

    Smells strong citrus. Tastes like pineapple and has a flying expansive head high that settles into a mild warm body buzz after a while. Not to be smoked before bed this one.
  14. Beautiful! How much did she weight out too? Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like she is in a 5 gallon pot.
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  15. Thanks very much!

    Its a #3 premium nursery pot (about 2.5 gallons actual volume) and She yielded 5.2 oz good nugs and a couple jars of bud leaf trim and loose or small buds. We make infused coconut oil for edibles with it. Gets cured right alongside the buds.
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  16. Nice! I’ll be following along. I’ve learned lots from you brother. Mad skill
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  17. Thanks so much man. Really appreciated. :)
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  18. This plant was harvested the same time as the Warlock hybrid.

    Aroma x Blue Lemon Thai

    Aroma was bred with Sensei Seeds Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and Blue Lemon thai is a Motorebel/ CH9 hybrid with Toxic Blue33 and Lemon Thai.

    Harvested at 9 weeks with almost 100% cloudy trichs and only a few degraded amber.

    Amazing indescribable smell along with some citrus and gasoline.

    9432E6C5-7A81-43A4-A717-2A96DF26CF9D.jpeg 7C19D869-7456-4D93-BF48-93CCF1F733A0.jpeg AA498EB0-0A6A-4324-B04A-5DE4E6AD0DD6.jpeg 6DD542C1-871F-4008-B9A9-5891461A8681.jpeg BB9C16BB-1D12-458B-A15E-9B42136776E2.jpeg C9E99B94-3AD4-400C-94CF-93DF11BAB4E8.jpeg F1D3E9DD-C6A8-4622-82D6-C32D5FC29B40.jpeg

    She was fast through the stages and hard to keep up with. Getting the hang of these seeds now. 6th time was a charm. Lol. #7 is in veg now.
  19. Dirtbag


    Wow. That thing is beautiful.
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  20. Here is a plant i have grown quite a few of. Seems to be 4 phenos i have seen so far. This one is leaning far toward the sativa side of the Black widow and thai genetics in her.

    Black Widow x Blue Lemon Thai

    Shanti black widow and ch9/ mota stuff inside.

    03072E5B-0918-4998-A7AB-E234DA5C67DA.jpeg 27806454-AB1E-42AC-B8BF-BF556AD93D29.jpeg 9FDB2822-134C-42F9-A5C5-41CD54808D15.jpeg D05A9F22-A471-49CB-B3EE-33154E9C825F.jpeg 8A5C3630-9BD7-4EF3-AE1A-21D57A7D19CD.jpeg E9DBEAE7-E8CC-4C28-A3DD-1B1D1FFFD3C8.jpeg 8BDDFCBE-F16A-4341-AFA2-38C7EFCCA660.png F714A5D7-F3D3-48A3-BE60-98545C5C1DA2.png AF87A335-9307-426C-93F0-643238350C04.png
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