Moe Mist, Jamacain OG, SFV, Bubba, Alien Dog

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by JH420, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. JH420

    JH420 Active Farmer

    Straberry Bubba...

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  2. JH420

    JH420 Active Farmer

    The White Urkle...white pheno...

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  3. JH420

    JH420 Active Farmer

    A couple shots of an intermediate pheno, one without flash...

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  4. Shady

    Shady Chillin' in the Shade...

    Nice work JH420...:sign0005: Those nugs look great!
  5. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Farmer

    great job man. that Jamaican and sfv look identical.
  6. JH420

    JH420 Active Farmer

    Thanks alot guys :passingjoint:

    FYI virtually none of the SFV shows in the 2 pheno's I've grown...they look similar while growing apart from the jamaican being taller and yeilding twice as good...but taste, buzz, smell nothing in common...none of that lemon pledge coming through. As for looks my photogrophy skills need work cause in reality the colours are way different, the SFV is lime green with orange hairs the Jamaican is dark green with dark brown hairs.
  7. Dr Tweed

    Dr Tweed Guest

    jh420 those nugs are awesome some wicked pics and all that dank you going to be tokin happy thanks for sharing the nug shots that strawberry bubba looks have some fine strains there keep up the work..
  8. JH420

    JH420 Active Farmer

    Thanks Dr, yeah I've died and gone to ganga heaven with these 7 the ole commercial crap I've been used to getting.

    Here is an Urkle pheno of the White Urkle, with and without flash...

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  9. JH420

    JH420 Active Farmer

    And a couple more Strawberry Bubba pheno's...with and without flash again...

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  10. Elite Nugs

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  11. sensisaint

    sensisaint Farmer

    hey whats up bro,the ladies look sick,pure fire!!!! keep up all the hard work,wish i had a chance to grab some beans of that straw bubba. anyways looks awesome man good job. peace