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Mom Trees

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by DetGrnThumb, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Here's some mom trees from one of our facilities. There's 39 different strains in there at the moment
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  2. Nice, whTs good with soen clones
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  3. Going to start a nursery shortly. Are you in CA?
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  4. In norcal yeah trinity cointy but i travel all over tge state
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  5. Ok. I'll keep you in mind when things get rolling. Focusing on getting the rest of the bays in rotation before we worry about the secondary stuff
  6. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    Your breaking the rules watch out
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  7. Wasn't aware of the rules pertaining to anything like that. We're a 100% compliant medical facility. Not trying to facilitate sales or anything like that
  8. Off topic real quick , where do you get those fans and how much are they more or less ? Those blue ones look like they could move some air .
  9. They're B-air Polar Bear PB-25 units. They're really robust for greenhouse applications

    I really like the Quest F9 units for indoor use
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  10. Excellent . I definitely need some stronger fans . I'll have to upgrade to something like that soon . Thanks .