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Motherearth Meal Mixes?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Funkadelic, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hey all - indoor coco grower here .I use Veg + Bloom and some Nectar for the Gods along with microbe supplements, EWC, perlite, biochar.

    Just found the Mother Earth Meal Mixes. There's a bloom I'm considering adding as a mix in .

    Yes my V+B, microbes should be enough ..but I'm very careful with salts and am a fan of dry amendments. I dont risk running my own combos since I've burned before, but I'm thinking of just following the directions and giving my pots a little extra food for the plants to uptake through flower .
    I found a thread on Growilla but nothing from people who have used M.E. brand. Thoughts?
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    If it's something new added to an already good mix I would start light to see how they react. Maybe even test it out on one before hand. Don't fix what isn't broke
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    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Post some pics of your grow, let’s see what you got.
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  5. My local shop just started carrying the Mother Earth soil. I can’t find the full ingredient list. They just state “meals” after the base ingredients.

    I am going soon to check the bag out. It seems odd that there is a large amount of ingredients but it is marketed as a controlled early fertilizing mix.

    I am hoping it is equal in elements to ocean forest with 25% added large perlite and doesn’t need perlite mixed in.

    Potter’s gold here was like that. Perfect really but then it got inconsistent. I have been using ocean forest ever since.
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  6. i agree ocean forest is the go to for me also with the magic flower,i like to make my own mixes also,but i do plant a veggie in it first,best tell sign of a great mix is with tomato plants and squash,both get blossom end rot,this is like what we require in flower stage of the herb,if you can grow those 2 variety without end rot,you aced it and it will be a mix to carry you all the way through flower,im a mad fan of dry meals,fishbone meal,kelp,alfalfa,blood and bone are always in my pots,depending on size of container i use depends on oyster shell meal,under 3 gal i dont use the oyster shell meal
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  7. Good advice!
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