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Moving Indoor Clones To Outside

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Nybadboy, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Ok guys this is my problem..
    I got clones from a buddy of mine everything he does was indoor I want these outside but I don't have anything set up to keep them under any lights so I been putting them outside during the day and they look like there I left today
    Any ideas if they will make it if I put them out and leave the.outside or what I'm doing wrong...mind you I have grown indoors but never converted from inside out ...
    Sorry for reposting but I think I'm losing most of these
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  2. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    Wait till next wednesday to set them out and every day after will get shorter so theyll just finish out in the fall.
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  3. When placing new plant outside, place them in a spot that does not have direct sun or is shaded. going from low light to direct sun will burn them.
    And also how old are the clones? they might not have enough roots.
    What size pots? small pots get hot and dry fast.
  4. I'm in the same spot. My clones were well rooted when I put them in fox farms soil on the 3rd and they have been under a 6500k t8 light on a 24-0 light schedule. Some of the leaves are bending down and have a little bit of yellowing. We decided to move the clones outside where they will likely get 11 hours of uninterrupted sunlight. I've been pH adjusting my distilled water down to 6.5. I have Fox Farms fertilizer as well but haven't used any yet. Should I feed them a little bit of nutrients?
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  5. A 18/6 light schedule would be better, in door.
    When taking plants out that have been on 24 hour light they will more than likely start to flower.
    Just change your light time to 18/6. they need down time.
    You didn't mention the size of your pots... if they been in them for a while, they could be root bound. that will cause them to slow down or look sickly.
    If you do feed, do very lightly at first. wait a week and monitor them.
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  6. I'll post pictures but I don't really have a lot of space to do indoor. They were in a garage with a small t8 light. And my seedlings are still under 24-0. Can I just go with 18-6 for the seedlings?
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  7. First problem is sticking them under direct sun for several hours a day. You need to limit the amount of full sun an indoor plant gets until it has time to harden.
    Second, putting the plants from 24 hours to 15 hours of sunlight will trigger flowering, something you don't want until your plants have a chance to grow much bigger in its vegetative stage. You can go from 18 inches to 6 feet plus in a matter of 5-6 weeks in June and July when allowed to vegetate before flowering starts.
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  8. Acclimate them my dude! They need to get used to it by degrees

    Shaded partial sun at first.

    Leave em out for an hour
    Next day two hours
    Next day 3 hours
    Etc... work em slowly into the sun! Little bits at a time!

    You could even put some hay or something on the top soil to keep your dirt from getting too hot! Good luck!
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  9. I just did what your attempting. Here is how I did it. First off, i was on 18/6 to begin with. So I would drop them to 18/6 for a week. Then follow the rest of my advice. After a week move the timer to 14 on, 4 off, 2 on, 4 off....
    What that does id match the 14 hrs of daylight you have out side, plus it hits it with that 2 hrs in the middle of the night. I let my clones ride like that for 2 weeks, then moved into the wild, straight in the ground... All of them but one is doing good. The one that is gone, is because my great hiding spot in the middle of these bushes and briars also happens to be a place that the deer lay down. My luck! he pulled out the ground twice. I replanted it once. the second time he destroyed it... I have been pissing around the perimiter to ward him off a litle...
    But anyway thats how i move clones outside from cuttings off of my inside plants...
    another thing I noticed, they grow a lot different from inside to outside. This thing grew 2 foot in 2 weeks. Its stretchy outside. Im gonna give it a good tea feeding with +life... and let the native soil do its thing.. Maybe give it a neem treatment...
    I think your stiill in pots, but the tea and neem treatment would still be very good for your outside plants
  10. So much information! At this point, im pretty sure they've adapted to being outdoors with the sun. I've been acclimating them by putting them in the shade of a big tree for a couple hours every day. Last night, I moved my plants inside when the sun went down until about 10 when I moved them back outside. I'm growing with my aunt at her house so I have to try to pass as much information to her without overwhelming her.
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  11. 18/6 for your vegging.
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  12. I just got some clones that are about 2-3 weeks old and put them outside cuz I was told they were grown outside, but apparently they were grown indoors. After having them in the sun for 1 day they were all very wilted and have some yellow spots (pic 1). I don't have a place to put them inside so I put them under a canopy (pic 2) and have been misting them with cool filtered water about every hour.

    Does anyone recommend anything else to help save them?
    Are they too far gone?
    IMG_20180614_151915_01.jpg 20180614_151745.jpg
  13. Madbud


    No direct sunlight til they perk up. Try setting a jar or glass over them as a terrarium to increase humidity. Good luck
  14. Thanks for the advice. I plan on putting them in my garage at night also since it gets significantly colder at night (southern california climate).

    I put glasses over the 3 worst looking ones, but I'm concerned they wont have enough CO2. Should they be fine if I prop the glasses up a bit with a rock (or should I not do that to increase humidity)?
  15. Madbud


    I would leave them covered. You could breathe into the glass with a bent straw or tube.
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  16. Thank, i put some regular pots over the other ones too. I'll update with how they turn out.
  17. Madbud


    I’ve saved worse
  18. Do not put them back into direct sun untill they fully recovered and then only shaded sunlight for about a week.
    You have put them in larger pots then i would have, they are probably lacking water, but with larger pots it can be a problem since the roots are not reaching the sides and bottom.
    The smallest pots you are using are better suited for the size that they are.
    Use clear plastic cups to cover them for humidity.
    Also your soil looks like it doesn't have perlite mixed in with it. just straight promix can get packed (not enough airiation).
  19. Thanks, yeah i skimped out and just went with some pots my mom gave me.

    Spending the night inside seemed like exactly what they needed though. They look much better, I plan on giving them a little water now and a little water later today depending on how the soil feels; as well as keeping clear glasses on the worst ones (since i dont have enough big ones that will fit all of them without squishing them). I'll continue to mist the leaves as needed based on humidity.

    For my soil, I tried various amounts mixing: pre-used potting soil, new organic compost, and new potting soil.
  20. Madbud


    Maybe some big clear plastic bags like electronics come in. Put it over your head til you almost pass out, then around the plant