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My 2 Royal Ak47 Plants And My Sbr

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Poudlack, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. So I just wanted to make this to constantly update and have feed back about my plants, I’m using one of those 1000watt leds with the option of changing spectrums, I’m currently 3 weeks in but I can add all the photos leading up until today. Early on I had a problem with my 2nd Ak47 plant and it was suffering from overwatering or ph. But all is fixed now it’s growing but not catching up to the others yet. If y’all have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Wheres the SBR?
  3. Royal Ak47 1
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  4. Sugar black rose!
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  5. Ak47#2 (struggling)
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  6. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Oh... I thought that meant something else.

    Good job though
  7. So I recently took some of the lower leaves off the sugar black rose (because they were laying on the soil) and the Ak47 #2 (expirement to see if it would help the plant grow a little bit taller.). They have been looking healthy the past few days so I think it was fine.
  8. Any opinions would be cool it’s my first grow and I’m happy about the first ak and the sbr but I feel like they are small in comparison to other at this age. (26 days)
  9. Any opinions???
  10. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    I wouldn’t remove any leaves. That’s stored energy for the plant. But otherwise they look fine. You’re doing a fine job. Keep it up. Just be careful of overwatering them. That’s the only thing I’d be mindful of moving forward. Which as time goes on and the roots fill out will be less and less of a concern.