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My Plant Broke In Half

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Ezrafitzs, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. okay so I was checking on my plant and my dog came and he pushed it over !
    And it bent the main stem
    It was so healthy and within an hour it started to droop majorly !!

    What do I do I don’t want my baby to dieeee
  2. This was it prior


    It'll be fine man, give it 24 hrs and it will perk back up
  4. I really hope so this is my first time and I can’t explain how much I actually enjoyed this !!! It was just in a hour it started looking droopy
  5. If its getting too droopy and losing all its moisture wrap the bent part with some tape, if you have beeswax it worked very well for me.

    Edit; well just wrap it anyways, put your mind at ease, you can take it off in a couple of days.
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  6. I put a star for a stent I hope that help , I don’t have any duct tape or beeswax
  7. If its not laying like a deflated baloon and soft and mushy (well mushy is not the word i am looking for but i am sure you get what i mean) like its lost a lot of moisture, i wouldn’t worry about it, your dog probably thought you how to supercrop but its an impatient dog that plant needs to grow a bit before hard training.
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  8. That’s where it bent
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  9. This is what it looks like, it’s still super green tho!
  10. This is it
  11. Yeah man just tape it.Even regular electrical tape works.
    I would leave it with the tape on a week or two though.My dog wanna eat my plants all the time lol.
    Hope everything goes well with your plant :)
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  12. It’s very crumbly now
  13. Your first pic looks like soil is just barely starting to dry, its overwatered in the first pic....the last couple look like you watered its obviously worse...

    Looks like you need to quit overwatering it!

    Your overwatering hand needs to stay off the watering can!!!

    Lmfao....i have done that one before.

    QUIT the watering till your pot is should be able to put your finger to your first knuckle if its completely dry then water....BUT NOT TO MUCH!

    hope it works out for ya, all the best
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  14. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

    Thats what she sed
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  15. Yeah they are very resilient plants .. just to Quote the beatles "Let it be" .
    it'll heal and be stronger then before .don't over nurse it .. :)
  16. LMAO
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  17. is it dead
  18. G gnome

    G gnome Moderator Staff Member

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    Holymagumbo! Oh no
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  20. So sad.