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Need Help On Lights

Discussion in 'L.E.D Grow Lights' started by Iceman2494, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. I have a 2x4 grow tent . Not a whole lot of cash . Stuck in between a couple of choices .

    1 is a


    3 qb288 set up that’s description is
    1.1pc 288 V2 board(Samsung lm301b SK top bin,3000K),
    2.1pc dimmable Meanwell driver HLG-120H-48B, 120W,
    3.1pc heatsink (326X195X10mm),
    4.1xdimmer switch,
    5.hanger, hang wires, connectors, wires, 2pcs plug and screws,
    I have a couple other off brand led and cob . Looking to ditch the lesser I have . Good enough for a clone or veg room . Looking for best bud and veg production out of the 3 . Thanks for all responses.
  2. QB hands down. IMO
  3. Even for the one in a 2x4 ? I hear they’re great but can that grow 3 plants in that space ?
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  4. This is just my opinion, I’m not a fan of the blurble leds.
    I have a 2X4 and have done a shit ton of research but no grow experience with blurple so strictly based off months of a lot of reading.
    I just bought the Vero29 from timber and couldn’t be happier. The light is so intense and freakin bright. I’m going to be dropping seeds shortly and very confident plant will thrive under these lights.
    I was between the COBs or the Samsung QB 288 (2X).
    If you have other suplemental lighting I’d roll with those and the QB until you can add more.
    Many qb experts on here can give you feedback from their grows. Just hang tight.
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  5. I see and have read a lot of reviews on the qbs and everyone loves them . My dilemma is to add a higher watt machine with diff spectrum or put it on one kit for one board .
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  6. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    QB for sure. Should last for yrs compared to the blurples.
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  7. Would that one light next to a 800w cob 250 from wall be enough to veg and flower ?
  8. Dont waste your time with those Amazon links. Either build your own samsung or bridgelux strips, or buy some qb's pr prebuilt cob setup.

    If upfront money is the issue I would go with a CMH ceramic metal halide and upgrade as money comes
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  9. Dan789


    Here’s my last season purchase from Rapid Led. It will grow some nice MJ. 600 watts at the wall.
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  10. Looks damn good . Strap on cash . Have 150-200 to spend as of now
  11. Well you are kind of looking at either a cheap ceramic metal halide pr building your own setup for that much in a 2x4.

    Cmh's are a great start honestly. They're more efficient then the cheap chinese LEDs you posted from the Amazon links too. Don't get too obsessed with how cool something looks or sounds people invest way too much money on advertisements instead of the actual product.

    Search for CMH's and LECs they're the same technology just under different names. You'll probably only be able to afford a 315 watt but it will get you growing. Buy the Phillip's bulbs for it 3100k for full spectrum. You can get a 4000k bulb too but primarily people use those for veg. You can run the 3100k through veg and flower.

    Something maybe like this

    Random website from google dont buy it here I have no clue if it's a good website. Just giving an example
  12. My only thing with that is heat . Would have gone hps/mh if heat wasn’t a factor . I was thinking of just adding the qb288 to the two I have now to get it going .
  13. I didn't read the last paragraph of your original post I apologize buddy. QB is probably the best way forward for you unless you feel like building a frame with some c channel alum, then I would go with some strips.

    I was thinking the 288 was closer to your $200 before the driver is why I mentioned CMH's
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  14. 1.1pc 288 V2 board(Samsung lm301b SK top bin,3000K),
    2.1pc dimmable Meanwell driver HLG-120H-48B, 120W,
    3.1pc heatsink (326X195X10mm),
    4.1xdimmer switch,
    5.hanger, hang wires, connectors, wires, 2pcs plug and screws,

    $155 total with shipping. Worth it ?
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  15. Skurt


    I got a Mars Hydro in a 2x2, but all day long, all I can think about is replacing it with a QB! Imagine like Shia and Nike doing a slogan together, just f-ng do it already would'ya??!
  16. That sounds good to me but I really dont know. I went the strip route but I'm sure alot of others might know better...

  17. Do it and never look back.
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  18. Lol . I see you can get 4 qb 120 kit for 190. Would that do a 2x4x6?

  19. I run 9 qb132 in a 4x4
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  20. I recently purchased two 100W LED lights from Super Brights LEDs online for my flowering tent. They are in the 4000K range. They output 12,000 lumens each, they cost me $80.00 each; I just harvested my first plant, a Blueberry. Previously I was using a 400W magnetic induction florescent light in the 3000K spectrum. My yields from the 400W magnetic induction were always pathetic compared to using a 1000W HPS. I went from 3-4 oz per plant down to 1-1.5OZ per plant (soil grown, organic nutrients). The results were that the new LED lights doubled my yield (2oz compared to 1 oz), and significantly increased the potency as well. This seems to verify new research that claims LED and more blue spectrum enhances THC production.

    I'm just a hobbyist growing a bit for fun, but I am into the science of it.