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Need Help Plants Are Budding To Soon

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by CJ Coetzee, Sep 27, 2017.

Should I trim or let the plant grow

  1. Grow

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  2. Trim buds

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  1. So iv made the mistake of planting my seeds just before winter in my country... now my plants started buding while under 10 cm long.... now they seem ready the trichomes have gone cloudy and the buddy look good.
    My question is should I trim the buds and hope it carries on growing or leave the buds to go to wasteand hope the plant grows taller and buds again
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  2. Me personally I would wait till they're mature and harvest the whole thing, then start fresh next growing season.
  3. Agreed
    Trimming buds won't change natures response to the season. You'll just end up with less bud and still be harvesting due to season. Let em mature. Might be some potent bud.
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  4. Let finish then harvest.
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  5. rent the biggest auto trimmer you can find !
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  6. Like this one?

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  7. Wow, I wish I had a problem of so much weed that I also needed one of those.

    And yeah, I'd say finish them. It could be possible to bring them in under vegetative lighting and get them to veg back out over a very long time, then just bud them indoors cause it still won't be the right growing season outside yet. But if you're going through all that effort you might as well just let those finish and start new ones indoors the right way to get a real yield in an acceptable amount of time.
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