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Need Help! Plants growing slowely

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by evanjoy_rock, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. So her is the deal. I sprouted some white rhino seeds a little over three weeks ago. I'm using 1 LED light panel, 2 20 CFL, miracle grow, and peat pots. They seem to be a little small for their age. I have transplanted them into larger tubs and have seen a bit of a difference, but nothing major. One is three inches tall about to sprout his big leaves, while the other two are short but thick. I guess my question is how many more lights I need and if miracle grow is a good soil to use?
  2. Seeds-n-sun

    I have good luck with the Miracle-Gro premium potting mix, which I add perlite, vermiculite & cow manure to. Very lite mix that drains quickly but doesn't dry out too fast. Not sure about ur lighting, perhaps some1 with better knowledge of what u have can help.

    As far as the seeds go, every1 is different. I started some Blue Dynamite seeds in April & 4 sprouted on May 1st. All were transplanted into 1 gallon containers after the 2nd set of leaves developed. 3 are solo & 1 has 2 plants in it. Plant #1 went crazy right from the start. Plant #2 also shot up quickly & its partner grew next to it @ a slower pace. #3 was slower developing & #4 continues to grow the slowest of them all. #1 showed signs of overheating after transplant & I cut off the leaves that were curling up & moved it outdoors to recuperate. New growth still has that annoying upcurl but otherwise the plant is healthy. #2 is in 12/12, the larger of the 2 is female, putting out a few white hairs @ the apex of the plant after 2 weeks Its cohort appears to be female also. Give it a day or 2 & I will know 4 sure. #3 topped itself & branched into 2 stalks very early. Not as large as #1, but has caught up to #2 in size. Definitely female & showed 1st about 3 days ago. #4 is the runt, but is a beautiful plant, healthy, happy @ half the size of any of the others, about 25cm. Leaf development is behind the others as well. Still I have it in 12/12, which may be early for it, but I will continue until it is sexed, then put it back into veg state. #1 is on its own in the great outdoors, while #2 & #3 will be flowered out. Keep in mind these are 7 weeks old. If you show the Rhinos love & care I think you will see them make a leap of growth very soon. I start 1/2 strength nutes with most seeds @ 3 weeks & they tend to respond with rapid growth. I also spray the leaves with 1/4 strength nutes every few days @ the same time. I use 18/6 lighting.

    Right now I have 3 additional sprouts that I culled from a bud of high grade commercial out of California, that I'm fairly certain is a Mexican type that produces enormous buds. 2 came up in a few days & 1 in a week. They are 2 & 2 & 1/2 weeks sprouted, respectively. 1st 2 got leggy, while the 3rd is showing signs of being very squat. I have had them all outside for a week & the legginess has vanished like magic. All are very healthy & loving the big halide in the sky.

    So to answer the 2nd question, my slant on it is put em in the sun & watch em grow like mad! Today is the longest day of the year & its hotter than hades most places, so why not take advantage? Just remember to keep em watered, as they tend to dry out quickly in these weather conditions outdoors.
  3. Bro ur using LED and CFL u have to relax a bit with that sort of set up. I gonna break ur heart a lil bit and just tell u straight ITS NOT GONNA BE A BIG HARVEST AT ALL IF U DONT PUT MH OR HPS IN THERE, its also gonna take atleast 3 weeks longer. On the plus side because the cfl lights when used correctly (MIXING SPECTUMS) produce near perfect wavelengths for fotosin THEY WILL BE TASTY. U have 2 options quality or quantity? (NORMALLY BUT WHITE RHINO IS DA SHIT EVEN IF U FUCK UP DA GROW) my advice to u is a question. Y did u choose to use cfl? is the LED a UFO and wat watt is it? how far is it away from da plant? LEDS are good for veg but u cant flower wid LED alone ( UNLESS IT COST U AT LEAST 500 bucks + for da light) I only use dual spectrum bulbs right now ive got a 600w sunmaster, look into dat, u can get a 400w sunmaster dual spectrum and keep ur current lights aswell and that would bring u da biggest buds possible( IF U HAVE DA SPACE) Now about ur soil IT SUCKS they dont make dat for green.FARMERJOHN basically put everthing good soil should come with. For ur nxt grow us some CANNA soil or COCO its da shit. ill be tuned in post some pics and we'll try to help u get some fat buds bro
  4. while im not a miracle grow advocate, the stuff can get plants big, and usually does.
    if you arent a rookie grower, and know the strain youre working with isnt a slow grower (shouldn't be if its from seed. seed vigor rules, but, i digress)

    if these parameters are true, you probably need more powerful light.
    im still not sold on LEDs yet.

    got any pics?
  5. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    That, or ambient temperatures are an issue. That's when I see a real slowing up to complete cessation of growth--when it's too hot or too cold.
  6. What was he asking about?

    Getting back to the 2 questions you wanted answered & I responded with a novel, off subject novel @ that. lol

    Any hoo, #1) Wrap your fists around a coupla 1000W MHs, rig horizontally with a nice reflector, stainless steel cabinet, with a glass front to reduce heat & watch the electric bill rise as fast as the plants do! I footprint veg with two of these thingys & they do the job. :sun2:Instant sun! Traded 10 clones for the both of 'em. Market value $100 round here. A bargain. HELL, the 2 bulbs list for around $100. A lot of these monsters come off of demolition sites & are rigged & ready for operation. You can find some deals if ya know a construction dude or 2. Tell 'em you're lighting the kids play area out back da house.

    b.) I kinda covered that in the 1st response. Yes, miracle grow type soil will work & is cheap & safe to get. Not the best, but passes the security test.
  7. he also stated he just transplanted, so, if thats the case, the plant could be using its energy to make root mass to fill the container more so than upwards growth. its very possible.

    id say its either that, or he needs more light.

    what strain?

  8. What kind of LED setup do you have going?
  9. Ok well first off if your using led and cfls your going to need a a couple more , try to get the 42watt cfl I think there like 10 bucks at like a walmart or home depot or somthing.

    the 42 watt cfl gives off around 2300 lumens you need atleast 10,000 lumens to grow (mind you if you dont have alot of cfls come harvest time your yeild will be small and your buds will be really airy)... keep the cfls atleast 2 inches away from the plat bc they dont get to hott so they can be that close. If you have the money you should go with a mh lighting system for veg and hps lighting for flowering they both have the perfect light spectrum. a single 150watt hps light give off a little more than 16,000 and there under a 100 bucks .

    About the soil Im actually using miracle grow myself but I added like 20% worm castings and some bat guano....but in the end it comes to how well your soil drains out and all the nutrients in it and the lighting those are the three things that will grow your plants fast and give you a good decent yeild.

    if you have them means and room grow outdoors nothing beats the sun and all you really need to do is dig a hole put your good soil in it and water and give it nutrients mother nature will do the rest and come harvest you can expect anywhere from a quarter pound to 2 pounds per plant

    good luck
  10. Tobor the 8th Man

    Tobor the 8th Man Moderator Supporter

    Miracle Grow makes some fines soils but there is one that I have encountered that I have problems with. Miracle Grow organic GARDEN soil. It smells like mulched up pine trees or telephone poles. My plants stood still in that stuff. As soon as I put them in MG organic POTTING soil they took off again.

    Was the one you used the organic Garden soil?

    Whenever I start a seed grow in the pots they will grow in I always have plain ProMix or something similar. That way the seeds get a start in unfertilized soil and their roots can go down into the richer soil after they have a few sets of leaves.

    The big thing is if you used the MG Organic Garden soil. I think that stuff is really crappy. It looks like shredded wood.
  11. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    All MG soils give me splinters. I hate working with that stuff. May as well go cheaper and use Kellogg's or Sta-Green if you're gonna go that route.
  12. ditch the led panel get a 600watt hps for every meter square of growing area, make sure you keep day temp around 25 and night around 15 if you keep to this you should have no probs, also high humidity is good for vegative growth.
  13. Hello everyone, I am a Beginner Grower with a very low budget DIY grow. I am using 8 CFL bulbs, 4 are 23watt/2700k & 4 are 23watt/5000k. I made my own reflector hood for the lights with a shoe box and aluminum foil (I plan on making a new reflector hood with flat white paint instead of foil because I now know how bad foil is) I have the lights on timers just switched to 12/12 on the 5/17. For soil I'm using Roots Organics Original Potting Soil and for nutes I'm using Fox Farms Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom & General Organics CaMg+

    My plants are doing very well besides a couple of discolored and/or crispy spots I haven't quite been able to figure out.. Any helpful info on how to fatten up buds and improve yield would be very much appreciated!!

    Thank you in advance farmers!
  14. These are pics of the spots I was referring to
  15. This is an update to my previous post about my sick plant it had discolored spots and crispy leaves in different areas of the plant. I had to leave town for work Friday morning and when I came back Saturday night I went to see my babies; to find that my plant was of course looking even worse than before...

    Please take a look at the pics below and tell me what you think is causing the issue. Thank you all in advance for your time and help!!

    20170528_154558.jpg 20170528_154659.jpg 20170528_154742.jpg 20170528_154757.jpg 20170528_154824.jpg