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Need Some Help On Flowering Nutes Please Ppl

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Mullpig, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Hey peeps,
    Currently about 3-4 weeks into flower.
    I'm growing in a soil mix I made up myself. Was pretty potent so I didn't give it any nutes most of the way through the veg period.
    I've given it a few doses of nitrosol late in veg and 2 doses of seasol in flower.
    What would be the best nutes or organic nutes to make the buds nice and big?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated:)
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  2. Here are a few pics of my girl..
    I had a bad run and got 4 males out of 5 :/
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  3. And here are the plant foods I've used so far
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  4. Ina


    palm tree ashes,flowering bat guano,P,K of some kind,may be it is better to continue organic till the end of that grow.You can also continue to use that Seasol from time to time....I think the N is enough for now,you can stop the Nitrosol and if you have more in the soil and in the other fertz you are using....I'm not familiar with these exact products but from what i see.... Looks nice!Australia,so cool!:)
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  5. Plant looks great ! your soil mix seems to be working well
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  6. Thanks ina I was going to hold off on the nitrosol forsure it's good for the veg stage.
    Might just stick to the rain water and another dose of the seasol before she's finished
  7. Cheers man!
    Was just stoked to be left with one girl out of 5 haha
  8. Have you had much experience with using molasses?
  9. Ina


    No,i used it only 2 times only in late flower before(about tablespoon on few liters water,as far as i know it is good after the mid flower for taste and i'm not sure for what else) but here it is too expensive to pour it in the soil so...i'm using it for myself because it is healthy instead of sugar:)I also know that you can add it in your compost or tea but it shouldn't be too much and too often......Try it if you want,for a change:) and it has some microelements in it.
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  10. Cool I think it's only $4 here for about 500ml.
    Definitely will give it a go
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