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New Drop From Sincity Seeds July 2017

Discussion in 'Sin City Seeds' started by logic, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    Enjoy the dank new drop from SinCity Seeds. These seeds are now listed in the store :)

    Pineapple Cookies - Golden Pineapple x SinMint Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies BX - Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x SinMint Cookies

    Spiked Punch - Purple Punch x SinMint Cookies

    Mint Lemonade - Lemon G x SinMint Cookies

    Strawberry Short Cookies - White Strawberry x SinMint Cookies

    Medical Glue - Gorilla Glue #4 x AC/DC

    Thunderstruck - ACDC x ACDC

    Do Si Do Mints - Do Si Do x Sin Mint Cookies

    Harlesin - Harlequin x AC/DC

    Chimp Mints - Gorilla Glue #4 x SinMint Cookies

    Toucan Sam - Froot Loops x SinMint Cookies

    Cancers Nightmare - Cannatonic x White Nightmare

    Bora Bora - Tora Bora x AC/DC

    Treasure Island - Swiss Gold x AC/DC
  2. <3 yes
  4. Hi I would like to buy medical glue regular seeds . How do I get reg seeds for medical glue ?
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  5. jipp


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  6. blis84


    Anyone have the lineage on fruit loops, the mother of toucan Sam, Im thinking she might go good with some of my crosses my buddy is running! goji og x Krakatoa fruit loop haze dom, and Krakatoa FLH dom x Goji og strawberry incense male, along side strawberry cheesecake aka strawberry frost(Dr Greenthumbs original cheese suicide cut s1 x goji og strawberry incense male) x Krakatoa and Krakatoa x straw cheesecake. Our docs cheese suicide cut is ridiculous its straight cheese on the inhale with a strong blueberry funky exhale. The strong cheese taste with BB undertones and absolutely perfect structure and high gave me the idea for strawberry cheesecake, so we dusted her with our frosty goji strawberry incense male then ran through a couple hundred f1s keeping the top 3 females and 3 males, male b to our strawberry frost gave us about 1/3 of the offspring with a strawberry taste w/ sweet cheese undertones, to be honest it was just a lot of luck, normally we name the strain after we smoke the offfspring but in this case i was just hoping docs cheese would shine through enough when we hit her with the goji pollen, then i needed her to do it again when we dusted our strawberry frost with the cheese s1 x goji male pollen. Reason I'm asking is because toucan Sam sounds perfect for our suicide cut, our Krakatoa males and females, strawberry frost, strawberry cheesecake, blue bubba, blue ox and endless sky. Any info would be great, also thinking about crossing toucan to the last of our white berry beans aka DP blueberry(the white s1 x DJ Blueberry male) x toucan Sam and visa versa. Our lost DP blueberry was sick, she had solid purple stalks and veins in the fan leaves, the buds were frosted lime green with some scattered purple and straight blueberry muffin taste and that classic euphoric BB high 60/40 sativa dom.
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  7. blis84


    Now I'm thinking Krakatoa x blue power and BP x Krakatoa, white nightmare x Krakatoa and Krakatoa x Wnightmare, with toucan Sam crossed to all of them
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  8. XDiggerX


    Doesn't look like they have Regulars of this strain... Means it's probably a clone that has CS or GA3 applied to create feminized seed (only way you can get seed from a clone without crossing it with a regular strain). This is the only method that will keep a strain 100% pure.

    So you can do that or just cross medical glue with say an afghani #1 regular male and then use the F1 seed to select a male to breed with further medical glue feminized seed, rinse and repeat for 4 generations. It won't be the same as feminized medical glue but backcrossing F1,F2 etc males onto feminized medical glue will result in something very similar that is regular. Good luck.
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  9. Gorilla Snacks-Chimp Mints?
  10. DemonTrich

    DemonTrich Moderator Staff Member

    May have to score some gg4xacdc and acdcxacdc for medicinal use.
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  11. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    Yes Sincity renamed that strain from Gorilla Snacks to Chimp Mints to avoid confusion.
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  12. I was gonna get Gorilla Snacks but decided to get Spiked Punch instead. Couldnt find much info on the Forum Cut BX, Dosi Mints, Or Mint Lemonade..
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