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New Grower What Nutes I Need?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Obeyxs, May 16, 2018.

  1. Obeyxs


    Also: I’m going to be growing Lowryder #2 autos
    What nutes do I need I have pre made super soil would tiger bloom fox farm big bloom and and grow big are the efficient enough ? Trying to go with something simple please give me feedback need help ASAP if u know better liquid nutes for veg and flower stage please give me youre feedback thanks
  2. Ive said it before and ill say it again. MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom. It can be used in soil and hydro and is stupid easy to use while now putting to much of a dent in your wallet... When in bloom you can also use KoolBloom in conjunction with MaxiBloom for outstanding results.
  3. Obeyxs


    Thanks man I have soil that has nutes I need till flowering at least what should I use tho bud hardener? I’ve heared I needed maxibloom looks pretty legit and will try
  4. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Moderator Staff Member

    You might start with searching the forums 1st........ The answers you seek are there. Help yourself out and do some of the footwork.......
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  5. Obeyxs


    Been looking man everything I see is a recipe I just want to buy something that I can use simply not mix shit
  6. Not to be offensive my friend but ill be 100% honest with you... That kind of attitude is destined for failure... Regardless if you buy a mix or make one, you need to know what your working with intimately. Like you need to know the composition of your soil, the acidity/alkaline (ph) of your soil, water retention, nitrient content ect ect... When you fully understand the ins and outs of your medium you cant fail... In fact, you will start to produce the biggest, stickiest and most potent buds around... Some people do in fact just grow quick without paying attention to these detials and end up with a mediocre product... I dunno about you sir but i want to be the best lol i want you to bz the best :)
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  7. Yeah man its not that easy. watch videos on youtube, read on hear for hours. But I would say vegplusbloom for a all in one. or super soil if you want organic
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  8. The problem for me was mixing while blitzed..Canna Terra/Flores 1 part liquid nutes to my rescue..pricey but has been worth it for me..

    May replace it with Maxicrop 1 part powder nutes (got a free sample..just google for it) where I just completed a nice test on 4 plants (2 clones moms were grown with Canna)..Maxicrop is relatively cheap and contains all I needed (except for the usual Cal-Mag), in one shot..has PK boost and that trich enhancer (LMAO)..Like the Maxi products..the same nutes are used throughout..You just vary the quantity..Just my 2 cents.
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  9. First of all, super soil is meant to be an organic route, and Fox Farm def not that. I started on Fox Farm in late '90s when it was the choice of the only store around. Fast forward to the days of legal meds and meeting many growers at Flint's G3C vending tables who politely poo pooed all over it gave me pause. After looking at it again, I landed on Dutch Canna and my yields and quality drastically improved. I would recommend you pick a good line, stick with it's schedule and wait a bit to make changes to it. I do recommend supplementing with things like White Shark, Mammoth P, silica, Cal Mag. RO water and a Ph meter are as important as your nute choice. Good luck.
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  10. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    The nute companies are gonna love you
  11. Only nutrient i ever used was yard soil and whatever would fall into that soil naturally. Cook your amendments as you go. You dont need them right away. All these weak looking pale cuttings and teen plants half the size they should be lol. Wtf are people doing! What else are you going to spend your time doing? Your plant doesnt need anything for several weeks. Pouring sticky juice from bottles? Fucking with your plant trying to make it grow faster? Poking and prodding in all the wrong places? Is that how you prefer to spend your time? Soil is as set it and forget it as possible. Only a brainwashed population would ask about simplicity and quality then disregard the only avenue to that goal. Healthy soil. and stop fucking with bottles. I dont have a clue how to fight mold or any of that shit.. Thats a big compilation that doesn't exist in healthy soul and smooth environmental shifts. You keep yourself from being suckered into a corner, to more bottles, by GROWING IN HEALTHY SOIL.
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  12. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    the guy asked a simple question that has a very simple bizz .for a new grower it’s ideal as it’s simple to use,it’s meant for soil and it’s cheap as chips.
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