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new millennium nutrients

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by d3cryption, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Anyone using it ?

    Opinions ?
  2. I just started using it after my recent move to Denver. Got a sample pack.... I'm really impressed at how vibrant my plants are. Don't know much about it but like the results so far!
  3. what all bottles are you using?
  4. I'm using Equinox, Summer, Ruby & Lightning; Plants couldn't be any healthier. So far so good!
  5. Hopefully you can say that at harvest time
    Seems like lots of nutrients will do the job
    IMO it all comes down to the oil production and of course yield
    Not all nutrients companies are created equal

    Were these samples or did you go out of the way and purchase them?
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  6. I bought them... friends of mine recommended it; have u used it?
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  7. Any pics?
  8. update?
  9. Meh came out sideways, I dig the new melinium salt bottles image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  10. I run the whole line
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  11. What nute line u were running before ?

    What's ur opinion on lightening, decision, and winter frost ?
  12. An sensi I use to run, I had some friends running NM getting 2+ per so I went and got a free pro pack from chlorophyll. Been hooked ever since.
    Lightening is my fav to get the undergrowth to rise up so you have multiple top colas instead of one.
    Decision is bad ass to prevent stretch similar to an's bud blood.
    Frost I would say is the weak link, the guys I know use eq autumn and overdrive instead of frost. I'd do the same but I'm not allowed to use those right now lol. I'll get some more picks up later
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  13. Wondering where I can get a sample pack from ?
  14. chlorophyll in denver if thats where your at
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  15. Ya go in during the week days talk with Bo the owner of NM and cloraphyll , tell him your interested in switching nutes, he's usually pretty cool about it.
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  16. I think Winter is great and I know of several groups using it as a finisher. The owners of those spots make them use AN but they still use Ruby all the time and finish with Winter. Meh....I think it's a nice light pk booster to end with. A lot of people run it the week before flush with a heavy organic feed. Lots of guano or meals like Budswell or Herculean Harvest.
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  17. Ladyv


    I've been running this line since learning about it at the Indoor Gardening show last year in Long Beach. Started with a Pro Pack, and then went and begged my local hydro shop to start carrying the product. :)

    I've used AN, H&G and Aptus in the past, all with good results, but IMO the NM line can't be beat for value and simplicity with no compromise on quality.
    I use the whole line, add in some carbs, OG Biowar tea, and Budswell. Running in Coco with perlite.

    Like Green said, I run the Winter Frost in the week before flush with heavy organic feed, then flush. I find that this produces the loudest, best tasting meds that I bet would give those fed a full organic line a run for their money :) Its nice to see word is getting out about this product, I would recommend it to anyone that asked.
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  18. Ladyv


    BTW, My Platinum Girl Scout Cookies I just ran on this line came up at 27.77% and my Diablo OG 22.58% both tested by The Werc Shop.
  19. @Ladyv thanks.......
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