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New Model All-in-one Dabpress Rosin Press

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Hackerman, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Since they are a sponsor here, I guess it's alright to mention that they recently introduced 2 new rosin press models. Both are "All-in-One" styles. I am totally loving this stainless steel model.



    The stainless model requires a separate pump and is available from DabPress.

    They are also working on a smaller 'personal' sized press that will be released (hopefully) next month.

    DabPress customer service is second to none. Super fast shipping from their warehouse when ordering from or available in USA and Canada on Amazon. Also available on DHGate.

    Dabpress is always running some kind of special. Last month it was free gifts and discounted prices. I have not heard what the special is for August yet.

    FREE SHIPPING to almost every place in the world.

    I have purchased 2 presses from DabPress and I own 7 rosin presses total and I just can't say enough good about the quality, price and service that I have received from DabPress.

    OK, OK, my Mom owns the company, too. LMAO just kidding.

    Hopefully, since they are a preferred member here, this post is not out of line.

    If I hear about the August special, I'll post back.


  2. What’s the prices ?
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  3. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    The small pneumatic is 30 bucks less than the manual?
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  4. RooR5mm


    100 plus the hand pump is another 100 when you package deal it.
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  5. What pump does the second one get packaged with?
  6. The second one uses a pump that you can buy separately or you can buy the one from DabPress. Check the warning about fitting sizes before deciding on which pump to buy.

    You can see the press and pump package here...

    Also, I see they have put the August sale prices on the web site....

    The 3x3 plates are sold out already. At $199 a set, I can see why. 3x5 plates are only $249 per set and the 3x5 caged units are only $329.

    They also have some stock left in their "Buy one get one free" offer here....

    @dabpress may post some other specials. If they do, I'll post them here.

    And remember... it's always

    FREE shipping (to most countries)
    FREE gift with most purchases
    FREE customer service (some of the best I've seen)

    Isn't it time you owned a DabPress?

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  7. dabpress

    dabpress Premium Member Supporter

    Thanks for your thread
    Bottle jack hydraulic rosin press kit - $469
    SS rosin press - $599 , $699 hyraulic hand pump included.

    Thank you!
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  8. Just a little note regarding ..... size.

    What size press should I buy? What size plates? How many ton press?

    These are questions which arise when you are deciding which rosin press to buy.

    When I bought my first DabPress I bought the biggest one they made. The 3x7 caged model. However, I often just want a small amount pressed or, like the other night, just wanted to sample some different cultivars.

    So, I switched on the plates and proceeded to press some very small, 1 gram loads. I didn't bother pre-pressing. No filters. No shit, no nothing. Just dropped a bud on some parchment and.... squeeze. LOL

    The results were wonderful and I was happy to know that the plates that I bought can do up to 8 to 9 gram loads but are still very efficient at 1 gram.

    Here are a couple pics of a 1 gram load being pressed.

    152lxqr.jpg 2hx3ecn.jpg 2z6tsu9.jpg 2ewh9v6.jpg
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  9. No vaccum, no forced air:caveman tek.

    Seriously all i see is novel tinkering. Nothing to seperate the plant from the resin but sheer random luck. And half the good stuff still in the bud.. Get with the times. I'll just use a volcano and collect the resin in a balloon. Then i dont need a dab rig or rosin tek.

    When did all this dead end novel stoner tinkering get so expensive
  10. dabpress

    dabpress Premium Member Supporter


    All of them is available on, please search"dabpress" to get them.
  11. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Another fad? Shoot , I’m old school, roll it up, roll it up my.. roll it up !
    All this new stuff has me spinning, plus I’m not that much of a stoner! Just medicine for me but my cousin on the other hand... lol he needs to get his ass one of these!
  12. One of the reps I know from DabPress said their "personal size" model might be ready next month. No hints yet on what it will look like but I believe the plates will be 3x3. They are still stress testing the frame.

    I just love using rosin for edibles. No straining. No cheesecloth. No mess with soaking leftover debris. Just a teaspoon of rosin in your recipe. It's as easy as adding a teaspoon of sugar to your coffee. LOL

    I smoke joints. I vape weed and rosin. Edibles are mostly made from rosin. I love smoking full melt hash. There's no better taste.

    Variety is the spice of life.
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  13. I purchased the dp-35, and recieved it yesterday. It's a very nice plug and play system. Upon opening one can easily tell it's built to last. First run I was able to get 20%(5g puck, 1.2g rosin) return from flowers at 190°f. Still working on technique. Over all I'm happy with the purchase, expensive yes, but worth every penny.
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  14. Looks awesome. Great yield for that temperature. I usually press between 190F and 220F. You loose a few terps at 220F but the yield increases. I seldom go over 220F.
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  15. They are gonna have to compete with Dulytek's new all Electric 3 ton press (3x5 " plates)..$699 ..delivered in the USA.

    Not trying to dis a sponsor, but I have their (Dulytek) manual one..sold it, and am getting the new one.
    Made in the USA and built like a tank.

    I don't work for them or anyone else..Retired and lovin it.

    Being old myself, I resisted Rosin.. But...I love it and No Solvents.:)
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  16. That unit Scolymia7 bought is a top of the line, all stainless steel unit with a separate hydraulic pump. It doesn't use a bottle jack like the smaller and less expensive units. I wish I could have that one.

    DabPress is coming out with a new 'personal model' soon. I can't wait for that one.
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  17. That looks like a nice product as well(digital, and all in one unit) which is one thing I semi dislike about the dp-35... all of the tubes, multiple peices and wires. Not the end of world but you need some counter space for it. The press itself is small and rated for 10 tons (on website video it's compared to a 2 liter bottle.

    At the same time because it isn't one big unit it doesn't take up alot of storage space(so both a pro and con).

    Very happy with it overall, did 5 runs today. One being a 7 gram puck at 190 and got 1.8 grams(25%). Smells, tastes and looks amazing.
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  18. Dulytek is coming out with a new bigger one for $1800 (this month)..I wanted that one too..but that's more nthan I can afford..
    That $699 price point for an automated press is not gonna be easy to beat.
    IMO all these presses are overpriced and competition will hopefully bring down prices for all!

  19. Not trying to be a Dick, but how can one compare dabbing concentrates to vaping (resin) from a Volcano?
    Resin is always something that I get rid of..taste and smell is not to my liking.
    I won't even re-dab or collect it from my dab rig(s). (Ima no youngin either:))
    Rig Guest.JPG
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  20. Sorry for the link, but I just had to (this time)..
    Funny stuff (I am way older then they are:))