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New To Growing And Trying To Figure Out The Best Layout To Use

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Monroebud90, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Hey there I’m new to growing and I have a 7x8 room that is just just sitting empty so I thought that I would make it into a grow room I have pretty much everything i need but just trying to determine how I want to have it blueprinted out I would like to do a flower and a veg room but don’t kno what the ideal space is for each so I have a 7x8 room with 6ft height and I also have 2 1000 watt led lights that I got for cheap I’m still investing in my room just getting started but need some help and idea please
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  2. 4plant


    Start doing some research on Perpetual versus single room grows. Multiple rooms will allow you to keep a mother plant and harvest more frequently. a larger single room will allow you to harvest more, but less frequently. Veg rooms are typically half the size of flower rooms in perpetual grows. I would vote for two rooms
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  3. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to, The Farm! Enjoy lots to learn here. The search bar works wonders once you figure it out.
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