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Noob's 2nd Grow - First-time Hydro - Critical Purple & Gorilla Glue Autos.

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Fangthane, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Now that my first grow is finished, I'm preparing for my second grow. I'm gonna give hydroponics a try this time around. I'll be doing (4) 5-gallon top-feed DWC buckets; 8" lids, using hydroton as the medium. They'll be grown in my 39"x39"x78" tent. If all 6 seeds successfully sprout, I'll also have 2 of them in 3-gallon fabric pots full of leftover FFOF from my first grow.

    Here's everything I currently have to work with, minus the new pH pen that's on its way:
    20181114_092948.jpg 20181114_092956.jpg 20181114_093005.jpg 20181114_094321.jpg

    Before I get started in the next week or two, here are a couple of questions I could definitely use some input on:

    1) My CMH bulb is 3100K. Would that be decent to use for veg phase, or would the blurple COB LEDs (~250w) be the better choice for vegging? I don't have the spare cash to buy a more veg-friendly CMH bulb at the moment, so I'm just gonna run with what I have.

    2) Having never dealt with rockwool before, I'm very interested in hearing suggestions of simple ways to start seeds in rockwool without any specialized equipment. Is it as simple as just sitting the cubes in a shallow tray and keeping a steady supply of water in it until roots come out?

    3) Is there anything I don't that you'd consider pretty much ESSENTIAL to successfully grow with my chosen setup?
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  2. Highkev


    Time to slap it all together and make sure room temp humidity levels are good Get er growin
  3. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Nice! Looking forward to progress!
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  4. Highkev


    Guard dog armed body guard
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  5. Had to tear down the tent and relocate to a different room. Got it all back together and had a little test run today. Here's what I've got so far. Definitely liking the drip ring setup, but it looks like my air pump just isn't strong enough to run 4 drip rings and 4 air stones.

    It seems that the General Hydroponics Farm Kit drip system isn't necessarily meant to be used with aeration inside the buckets. Any of you try doing top feed without any bubbling in the bucket? If so, how did it work out for you?

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  6. Highkev


    Very very nice
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  7. DismalDude

    DismalDude Moderator Staff Member

    Wish I could help you but haven't done DWC or any hydro for that matter.Maybe someday if I get tired of soil. Sure is a hell of a lot cleaner anyway. ;) Nice set up!
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  8. Ugh. Well, my second grow is looking like an abortion right from the start. Out of the 6 seeds I bought, only 3 ever sprouted taproots. Out of those 3, not a single one has made it up past the soil/rockwool so far. Another day or 2 and it's looking like I'm pretty well dead in the water for the time being. =-/
  9. AniZaTo


    How is the grow coming along?
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  10. WEll, out of the 6 seeds, I ended up with 2 plants. Here are my 2 little 8-day-old Gorilla Glue autos.

    20181209_174451.jpg 20181209_174503.jpg

    Not sure if I just majorly fucking suck at this, or if maybe there are some issues with Critical Purple seeds. Either way, I've taken it as a sign from the weed gods and just placed a seed order with a different website I've found. $105 shipped for 22 seeds is much better than the $80 shipped I paid for this last 6. Here's what I'm getting:
    New Bitmap Image.jpg

    After seeing it mentioned on various threads on here, I decided to check out Greenleaf's MegaCrop all-in-1 powdered nutrients. The reviews seemed great and the price was right, so I got me a kilo to try out. I'm gonna be running MC, instead of the AN line. Other than that, the only other change is that I've added some Great White Mycorrhizae to the mix as well.

    Once the new seeds and my new tent arrive, and I decide which I want to grow, I'll probably fold them into this here grow thread.
  11. Day 12.

    Here are the two little survivors. They look kinda yellow to me, especially the bigger one. N deficiency, or is it comparable to other Gorilla Glue autos you've seen?
    IMG_20181212_152555.jpg IMG_20181212_152621.jpg IMG_20181212_152626.jpg

    I've been feeding at ~450PPM, pH 6.5 - MegaCrop, CalMag, silica. Just mixed up a new gallon of the same feed @ 750PPM, pH 6.25. Is that too high for plants their size?
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  12. Hey m8, good choice in new strains! If you don't mind me asking what website that was? I'm in the market for more seeds and have only used king crop seeds
  13. I got the Gorilla Glue/Critical Purple seeds from Considering that I only ended up with 2 viable GG plants out of 6 seeds, I probably won't be going back to them. Paying $80 shipped for 6 seeds and only having 2 plants to show for it just doesn't work for me.

    Placed an order with 2 weeks ago and they still haven't even bothered to ship out my seeds, so I definitely won't be recommending them to anyone, either. Their prices are pretty good, but I won't continue to support anyone who has such a lackadaisical approach to order fulfillment.
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  14. Updated pics - Day 20. For some reason, getting a lot of leaf curl with the big one. Here's what I got:
    IMG_20181221_081043.jpg IMG_20181221_081049.jpg
  15. That leaf curl will most likely be humidity or heat, if your light is 36" away then probably not light burn, you want that humidity up in the 60s at least. Check out VPD charts and try to stay in the green, normally 5-10% lower humidity then your temp
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  16. Being in this shithole state of Az, humidity is typically 15-20%. I mist them several times a day, for whatever help that may be.

    Temp is always high. Even with a small extraction fan and a large fan blowing air into the tent at all times, temps get up close to 90F at certain times of day. It doesn't really feel that warm in there, though. Wondering if I'm getting a skewed reading from the thermometer being in direct light? Typically, it's usually around 83F in the tent. It is what it is and there isn't really shit I can do about it, beyond what I've already done.

    It didn't really look like any kind of light burn to me, but I still backed my CMH off to 24". I managed to limp my last grow through to harvest in the middle of the Az summer where temps in my tent had to be 100 or more at times. Figured I'd have at least as much luck in the winter.
  17. Phylex


    I'm not familiar with growers choice, but recently this was posted by seedsman. Not sure where you're from, but this may be cause for your delay.

    Important Delivery Update:
    We been improving our shipping routes to the USA and are experiencing some delays in parcels reaching customers. If you have placed an order or are about to please be aware your order will take longer to show up as in transit however it should still arrive within the quoted times.

    We are receiving a high volume of tickets due to these issues and request that you do not chase your order until the maximum delivery time of 25 business days has passed.
  18. Hmmm, ya I would get the thermostat and hygrometer out of the direct light but still at canapoy hight, as for your temp and humidity. I would just stay working on it and do what you can, for a but I seriously would soak a couple towels ever 18 hours and hang them in my tent. Gotta do what you gotta do. But my guess is the curling is that. I'm interested to see what anyone else has to say.
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  19. Phylex


    For hotter temps, Do you primarily run the lights during the day or at night? My 18/6 was lights on @ 8pm and lights off @2pm. Albiet that helped me with the colder night temps. It may help with the hotter afternoon temps for you.

    Late summer I was having humidity issues in the high teens to low twenties. I picked up a humidifier and it solved that issue. My humidifier wasn't huge. It only holds a little more than a gallon of water. I typically had to add a gallon a day, but I always checked it in the morning and at night.
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  20. Yeah, I saw that, too. I don't think that was there when I actually placed my order. If it was, they definitely didn't do anything to call attention to possible delays before the sale was completed. As far as I can tell, you have to be actively looking into shipping issues before you even come across that statement.

    To their credit, they did just reply very promptly to my email inquiry. Supposedly, my order has already been sent here to the US in a bulk shipment and he expects it to be in my possession within the next 5 business days.