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Npk Profile Hel Please!

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by kenmastazz, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    this is my second post and I hope its ok asking some questions right away.
    Im on my 3rd grow at the moment and ive learned the basics. Im very interested in Fertilizers because Im an athlete and nutritions are very important to me and my ladies :)

    Ive been seeing some very interesting threads regarding the excess amount of P in nutes and found some good feeding profiles I did some calculation with canna Terra and would like to know if they are correct?

    Canna: 1000ml/1009kg
    Canna Vega: 2.6-1-3.1-0-1(3-1-4 rounded up) @5ml/gal 35-6-34-0-13
    Canna Flores: 2.1-1.6-3.7-0-0.8(2-2-4) @15ml/gal 84-28-123-0-32

    119-34-157-0-45 (N-P-K-Ca-Mag)

    my tap water: 77mg/l Ca= 77ppm & 7mg/l Mag = 7ppm

    Canna + Tap = 119-34-157-77-52
  2. Going by Tissue Analysis, and a company that's been making plant specific fertilizer since 1965.

    They say the recommended NPK ratio is 19.5-20-39 as a base NPK fertilizer.
    They use
    15.5-0-0 Calcium Nitrate
    Magnesium/Epsom Salts
    Mono potassium Phosphate in 3rd-4th weeks of an 8 weeks flowering strain. 0-52-34

    I will give a link to their recommended feed chart with their fertilizer, and for use as a basic guideline.

    Our plants really seem to like this fertilizer ratio.
    We grow large plants, in large 20 gallon containers of Promix BX. 1000w Gavitas/Hortilux EYE HPS for Seedlings, Veg/Flowering.

    4-20-39 Recipe 2017
  3. I like this a lot. The numbers are ec and not ppm though right? 1800ppm at .7 or .5 would be overkill for any normal sized plant.
  4. I really cant tell you the PPM, but my buddy has it figured out, and is 80 miles away.
    Basically for Promix BX, he uses it at around 20%/25% of recommended dose, and feeds with each watering.

    Anywhere around 1/2tsp per 5 gallons water for seedlings, 1.50 in late veg and around 2.25 tsp per 5 gallons water in late flowering of 4-20-39
    Not incl Magnesium, every time, and extra MPK boost in weeks 3-4.
  5. Im not sure if it is allowed to post a link. Ive read on numerous forums also with Tissue analysis and they found out that the high P is targeted at outdoor because the roots are going deeper and wider with more space. In a pot with limited space a high P value is not necessary and the plants cant absorb it they recycle and reuse P so a very low amount is sufficient. Reducing P at the final stage will make a better product and a smoother smoke.

    Check this out:

    from dyna-gro:
    " You are correct. We market a high P (Liquid Bloom) “believe” they need this. As you have noted, our Foliage-Pro does a great job start to finish. However, it is simpler to give the market what they think they need than to try to reeducate it. There is some evidence to believe that low N helps to convince a plant to stop its vegetative growth and move into its reproductive phase (flowering), but environmental factors are probably more important. P is typically 5th or 6th in order of importance of the six macronutrients. There is little scientific justification for higher P formulas, but marketing does come into play for the vast majority of users who lack any real understanding of plant nutritional requirements. Therefore, the market is flooded with a plethora of snake oil products that provide little benefit and can actually do harm. For example, one exhibitor at a hydroponic trade show had a calcium supplement with 2% calcium derived from calcium chloride. Can you guess what continued application of 2% chloride would do to plants?’
    I hope this answers your question and am sorry for Zina’s inaccurate response.
    Dave Neal, CEO
    Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions
    2775 Giant Rd.
    Richmond, CA 94806
    800-Dyna-Gro, Fax: 510-233-0198
    [email protected]"
  6. which numbers are you talking about ? this: 19.5-20-39 ? I thought this are % of confused
  7. On his source link the chart is a feeding program. If he only uses it at quarter strength, it's probably ppm; that's as low as you'd have to go to be feeding normal plants with that chart.
  8. now i know what you mean and my guess would also be that its ec 1.8 but I think even that is high 1.4-1.6 max for me!

    the ratio of 19.5-20-39 what exactly is that? % of that element(19.5%N 20%P etc.) in that solution or is it gram/ounce etc.?
  9. It's the same as the NPK you see on bottles. It gets tricky though if you don't know the composition of the salt mix. Other thing is people can create errors or use their own calculations. I like the formula 224(112) for flowering, but i use any 111 or similar for veg growth. They use a healthy leaf and base their food if the leaf's nutrient composition. It's believed that a healthy leaf will have the plants ideal composition because it made that leaf perfectly. Dynagro does a lot of that and says that 312 is the leaf and therefore ideal composition. That is a typical foliage plant profile and that's why it's named foliagepro. Cannabis primarily uses nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. I tend to agree with the dynagro formula, though i would supplement mg and possibly k during later flowering if i was only using a 312 1part. Who knows though, maybe it would be unnecessary;i never tested that specifically enough to say definitively one way or the other. I also let my testing cut die recently so. All this talk leads me to reiterate how important runoff is when using these salts. You need to be replacing the last food and not adding to it. You need to give a lot of runoff, especially in peat with only salts. Also, feeding requirements can vary DRASTICALLY between plants. I don't think there is a one best formula. One should aim for a complete formula that contains a whole day with as little extra as possible. Watered with good runoff daily would thus satisfy the plant fully.
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