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Nutrient Calculator Question

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Shawnery, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. I grow in rdwc and always get purple stems on my fresh clones for a couple weeks. After the first couple weeks everything comes in green but not till then. This last batch I put an extra one in coco and it has the same exact thing. The coco plant is outdoors in the bay area and the rdwc is indoors. It shouldn't be a temperature problem because they are 75 night and day. Nutrient solution stays at 70 with a chiller attached. I keep my ph between 5.8 and 6.0.

    I was thinking maybe there's something specific with either my nutrient numbers and hopefully someone on here can let me know. These are my current numbers. Is there something specific that I'm lacking that the girls need early in their lifes?
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  2. Well, what light are you using indoors? What strain, or does it do it with all stains? How developed are the roots? I'm a soil guy, but generally speaking I see people have this issue when it comes to nutrient absorption. In soil, this typically indicates either a pH out of range or dramatic over saturation of the media. From my experience it is usually an issue with absorption of K. Do the purple portions of the stem feel a little more still/woody than is typical for the strain? How long has it been since you have calibrated your pH meter?
  3. Are you talking about when they don't have roots? They starve while making roots, then feed once they get them. I've never pursued avoiding this as it's completely irrelevant imo.
  4. I'm wondering if my Nitrogen is to low. When you read that a good nutrient number is 3-1-2 for cannabis does this mean Nitrogen should be three times phosphorus and potassium should be two times phosphorus?

    If this is so it would seem that my Nitrogen is to low but I have no clue if I'm understanding this correctly. Not that this would cause purple stems either way.
  5. Freshly calibrated and tested against top notch ph strips, the good ones.

    Yes during rooting but I often see hydro growers that never go through this issue and dont consider it normal at all.

    Different strains
  6. Different genetics are going to react to everything differently, including temporary starvation. If the plant is fully green and healthy looking, then it has the proper nutrient ratio in its leaves. You can't control it once you cut it. I've not tried but you could try darkening the plant by slightly overfeeding before taking the clones, you could soak it's stem in a salt mix after cutting in the hopes that it would use it(bit of a stretch to do yourself), use a specific cloning gel that contains simple sugars and nutrition, like rxgreen or is used in tissue propagation. Minimizing time without roots would also be imperative. Different methods are going to work differently. There is no fastest way, but there is a way to acheive the fastest possible time in your grow. Aero cloners tend to be faster for most people but getting fast roots in plugs or coco, etc. is doable and being done by people regularly.