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NYC Smoke Out

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by JayBee, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. JayBee

    JayBee International Toker Supporter

    Was recently back home in NYC and was able to try an amazing variety of the very dankest herb in the usa.

    First off, got to admit some of this herb came from westcoast. The first herb that I'll mention is one of these west coast herbs that was floating around. Really nice smoking headband. Not sure what cut. Was not the prettiest looking weed, with mostly small/medium buds and lots of stem but taste was very nice, with slightly stonier feel that the deisel. Felt and tasted more og leaning. Very nice smoke.

    Next up was one of my all time favorites, i am probably partial to it because of smoking so much when i was younger and lived in the city. Sour Diesel. I suppose this is same as the "ECSD", it is the orig east coast sour d, still kicking ass. great taste. super strong, turns me into a total moron. Although a lot of folks are tired of it, i still love it.

    NYC HP13- Already posted too much about this on topdawg threads. this is the bomb. Taste and smell of the HP13 with the power of the chem!

    HP13- After smoking the NYC HP13 the orig seems kinda weak. It was never the strongest herb and taste has been lost over the years. JJ totally saved this strain for the canna world bu creating the nyc hp13.

    The White- This is some of the best weed ever. Almost perfect bud although some find the taste lacking. This bud is so pretty you want to frame it and put it on the wall. This was my favorite at the 420 Cup this year in the blind taste test. (I bought some s1 of the white on another site, but lost my money and never got the seeds. Fucking pimps are bitches)

    Black Haze- This was some haze from florida. Very, very, heavy stuff.

    Stardawg- This is an amazing strain that i think some folks overlooked when seeds were available. Basically it is the new winning chem offspring, up there with kush or deisel in terms of strength and much more stable for growers that sour d. One of the strongest most potent strains i have ever smoked and super tasty. This is not for novice smokers. Did I mention it is very strong? Smoked two different pheno's. Both very strong, Guava cut is the tastier, fruitier one. Available on west coast now too under few diff names.

    Ok, there are a bunch more, will get to them little later...

  2. strainman

    strainman Premium Member Supporter

    Thanks for the report JayBee, I'm def looking forward to that NYC HP13!
    recently came across some stardawg and it was top notch and I agree ECSD is one of my personal faves aswell I dont think I could ever get tired of it...
  3. bigherb

    bigherb Farmer

    nice to hear you had som of nyc finest im hopin you TASTED SOM UPPIES
  4. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    Lovely report. Wish I was there with you.
  5. Illmind


    agreed not much fucn with the real diesel. not much at all. any1 claimin high isnt strong is smokin fugazi deez. ive even had some retarded nycd doubt was somas.