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Og 13 kush

Discussion in 'The Breeders Lab' started by nyckid, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. nyckid

    nyckid Guest

    Well I just took a really stinky fuelly lemony bomb 3 ft bushed out og kush sfv and took the pollen from a male killer G13 I got from see**** and am in the first dustings of OG13Kush. I have selfed the sfv and produced some males using collidal silver. I then went other way with the svf pollen to the female g13 and by the way she is breath taking as well. The male g13 was beautiful and smelled like sour sweet spice. I will then run them to f6 and then combine the lines and see what I get! Here is what they said about their g13.

    This extremely potent G13 hybrid will raise the standard that most growers are used to. With a THC level to make even the most hardened veterans breaking a sweat, the BLZ-Bud is a strain not to be smoked by the fainthearted.

    The smell and taste are an interesting mixture of sweet, sour and spice. The onset of the high is almost instant giving you no time to prepare for what’s to come, make sure to have a place to sit down when taking a blast of this beast.
    Happy 2009 everyone!
  2. theherbalizor

    theherbalizor Premium Member Supporter

    I just love the OG and G13 combo. I have tried a few peoples offerings and was blown away by all. Infact poss prefer them to straight OG, bigger yields to be had thats for sure with the og13s
  3. Abso-fokk3n-lutely! My only experience is with MK Ultra, but imho that's a groundbreaking strain in terms of profile. A newer MK Ultra based on some of those insane west coast kush cuts would easily jump to the top of my must have list. OG13 ftw!
  4. hererisssh

    hererisssh Premium Member Supporter

    When does it hit the farm nyckid? :)

    Wicked leaf btw
  5. yeh nice nyckid. looking foward too these.. ur seeds got 100%germ rate withing 48hours. the kushes are growing chunky with the biggest leaves on such small plants. thank again bro. niceone .
  6. nyckid

    nyckid Guest

    Thanks for the kind words my friends. I will be shootin a bunch out for folks to test in
    Feb. Happy New Year to all!
  7. grizz


    now thats a cross I want to try, testers you say... I have my hand up..
  8. manicgrower

    manicgrower Premium Member Supporter

    You still at it Kid!Sick bro!
  9. Married2Mary

    Married2Mary Premium Member Supporter

    Very nice... Love me some OG.. Really interested in seeing how these turn out...