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OG Kush growing technique in Hydro.

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by UNITEDGROOVES, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. I know we got some OG growers in here.. I just got the OG cut, and I wanna make sure it is done proper. Any techniques with this plant would be appreciated. I'm running 6X 5gal DWC re-circ with lucas formula under 600w. Sealed Room w/ Co2 & temps & RH regulated. How long does it take to finish? Thanks
  2. rome


    Hi united grooves,. i quoted this from swerve in the cali connection breeders forum,.

    swerve quote:
    sfv loves her nitrogen, and cal mag.. and will gladly take bloom boosters as well in flower... topping, lst or super cropping and scrog are the only way to grow og if you want to yeild otherwise you get a few grams a great smoke... the colder the temps the better for the bud as they will grow rock hard or amazing dank quality.. i rarely ever ever see any purple from low temps on real og... she just doesnt purp... i have had og growing in as low s the 50's and no purple the purple kush of the group was temps just make the buds dense as all hell

    if you got any more questions u should hit up swerve or ograskal., these guys kno theses cuts inside and out,. plus theres a load of other pros here on the site that could also help
  3. Thanks Rome, just the type of info I was looking for.. I'll try to hit up Swerve or ORgraskal next.. peace
  4. I came across some "poison og" and scored cuts from some tahoe kids that were originally from humboldt. It's way stronger than ghost OG and sfv, tastes great but it grows totally wacked out, like the fan leaves die off pretty easily after looking totally healthy. This is not a problem I ever saw with another plant of any strain.
  5. i think i got some og kush i got some beans from what they called lemonaid kush it was bag seeds ...taste like pink lemonaid..... mine hermied up tho.......... damn bag seeds!!!!!! but one did turn pinkish purple but it was not the whole buds just certain parts rest was green
  6. OB-one


    I had some pink kush seeds (supposedly) a while back only a few got that nice coloring, but they all showed Hermi signs. Had to cull them all cus hermi's aren't worth it unless you truely have something special going on, and the taste and potency wernt as cracked up as the hype made them out to be.
    Anyone got any suggestions for that sure to please strain of the year, I'm always up to try something new.
  7. julsbagell

    julsbagell Premium Member Supporter

    Og needs to be fed mild in the first couple weeks of 12 12, keep the lights close and supercrop the fuck out of them they yield good once you dial it in they are all a little different but all are good.I put mine in tomato cages some kind of support is a must or once they get about five weeks they will start floppin all over like spagetti 8-10 weeks I usually take mine at 63 days. Hope this helps juls.
  8. Swerve

    Swerve Guest

    og is a food whore.. shit i give them 750ppm of nitrogen and calmag right when they root and go into my dwc system... then it gets bumped real fast to 1000ppm... when i switched this last run to 12/12 i was at shit i dunno 1250-1300ppm before even going into flower. and i will top them off at 2000ppm of bloom calmag and kool bloom. before my 3 weeks flush. and not a burn anywhere on the leaves or in the buds.. and let me tell you i got og kolas right now that are just under arms length and they are a true 3 weeks into flower. im talking insane og dank....hahahahahaa i take all my og at 70-75 days nothing earlier i like the weight it puts on those last 2 weeks. you can go from a 2 ounce plant to a 4 ounce plant in those last 2-3 weeks. trust me on that... rock hard dense as all hell lemon pledge pinesol kerosine smelling and tasting buds......ok lt me help ya a bit here...

    i run dwc lucas formula as well. but i run 12X 5 gallon at one spot another spot i run 50X5gall and an old spot of mine we ran just under 200X5gal alll i ahve some experience here...oh and all the grows were og and chem D and chem4 and underdawg cut. so everything you said sounds great 600w co2 and all that jazz... start them off kinda chill until you notice they are growing once they get growing hit them good with nitrogen and calmag.. those are your friends with og... og is a cal mag whore.... she will eat as much of it as you can throw at it... the longest possible veg and as much lst and topping or fimming or training you can do to get them to bush out... if you can set up a trelis and weave them through the trelis kinda like a scrog grow... og can be lanky if you dont stay on her with supercropping or lst.... when she starts to stretch pinch the stem ie supercrop. this will cause her to branch out more.... if you can veg them for 20+ days in a dwc you will have pretty large plants if you have the head space that is. but they will yeild killer for you f you can get them fairly big and bushy.... any other questions just pm me.
  9. awesome advice above!!! very, very important to lst and supercrop with this strain. i do a combination of everything....fim, lst, supercrop, pinching, whatever does the job....i like growing the huge bushes of og becuase it's honestly the only way i can get a decent yield. i ran a 50 plant sog (vegged with no training to 18") for a while but it doesn't compare to 3 or 4 bushes with og
  10. Swerve

    Swerve Guest

    exactly man.. i did a fe hundred plant sogs with og it just cant hold a stick to bushes of og.. i could yeild more from 50 og bushes than i can from 250 18inch tall og clones... with 3 grams on each of them...

  11. WOW great info.
  12. :rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl
  13. greenthumbdanny

    greenthumbdanny Premium Member Supporter

    Does the Chemdawg's take the nitrogen and the cal-mag like the OG Swerve?
    Also was gonna use a trellis net for a sog type grow with the 2. Flowering time is about the same no? GTD
  14. LTG


    If I am thread stealing, or whatever the proper term is, please let me know (pretty green here), but I have a few questions:

    -Since you said it was better to grow less plants and just let them get bigger, rather than a SOG, what kind of spacing is best between plants? I have a rectangular area that is say 6'-4" x 3'-4" x 7'-0" ......I was going to split the area in half and do 16 plants SOG style in each, but if the bigger plants are better, how many can go in the space I listed? Lighting was going to be 600w if I split it up, but now I am thinking a 1000w on a mover would give the penetration needed and should be enough for the space I have listed. I was thinking 10 maybe 12?

    -Have you tried Advanced nutrients on these? If so, do you go by the feeding chart and add the extra -N- and Calmag? How about strap molasses or gravity?

    -Are the cold temps used for the whole grow or just the last few weeks?

    -Also, as GTD asked, curious to know if the Chemdawg is grown like the OG.
  15. i have 6 plants in 12 x 10 room. 2 600's, 1 430 hps for flowering.

    i use AN all the way with mine...iguana juice @ 2/3rd label strength + sensical 5 ml per gallon. a few other an additives & liquid karma from botanicare. 5 ml of sweetleaf and 15 ml molasses every watering during flower & 1 dose of gravity before flushing. i like my nugs a little dense.

    i try to keep my temps as low as possible...68 is the lowest i can get it without AC.
  16. LTG


    Can I ask what to expect on yield? I am going to be posting in the proper forum about help on a set-up, I was just curious to know what I would need for this strain for what I have to work with.
  17. once everything was dialed in, i fit 2 bushes of OG under a 600...i get 4-5 ounces a plant.
  18. LTG


    @ jdubz

    That's a nice yield of some good dank! Have you ever tried the Connoisseur Line or do you strictly keep with organics? Is there a difference between Sweetleaf and Black Strap Molasses?
  19. Swerve, you da man.. Thanks for that nice info.. I'll have to hit it with mad cal mag for sure.. I usually do 5ml per gal, should i bump it up?? I'm assuming you're using RO h20 right? Again good lookin..