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Oil For Heart Health

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by madgrower, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone .just wanted to know if anyone here has had a heart attack?.
    I did and I'm only 42. Wasn't very pleased and realized that I don't want to die yet..long story short does anyone here have heart problems ,do they still smoke or injest reson ..I will be quitting cigarettes and they tell me that I will have to take 6 pill a day for the remainder of my life..well I say plants not pills.. thanks for any info
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  2. DGP


    Study phytochemicals. A good reference book is "How not to Die" and the "How not to Die Cookbook". $10 on Amazon. There is quite a trend towards lower meat intake with more vegetables and the data seems to say it is the right direction. Cannabis oil is naturally high in phytos. Terpenes are phytochemicals and are powerful anti- oxidants along with phenols and other chemicals. This whole deal about "superfoods" is all about phytos. Select foods with bright deep colors like beets, blueberries, citrus, red/yellow peppers as a few examples.

    The dirty little secret is cholesterol is not the issue but inflammation is. High cholesterol is not the issue but inflamed blood vessels attract cholesterol making blockages. Stop the inflammation and arterial sclerosis is prevented. There is growing evidence that "low fat" diets and statin drugs starve the brain of fats it needs and lead to Alzhiemer type disorders. Big pharma wants everyone on statins. $$$$$

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  5. QUITE THE CIGS, I did 14 years ago. Been through a heart problem recently had to wear a EKG monitor for 30 days. Worst experience of my life so far. Been through this with my wife’s breast cancer. You got to figure out where the best place in your mind to continue your journey. Remember one day at a time. 12053D0D-5A01-47AF-9B59-5E8715137B17.jpeg
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  6. 8 days no cigs..
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  7. Awesome, every day is a gift, as far as I’m concerned. Always something to look forward to especially life. Picked up this little number today. Looking forward to a long healthy life with our new Duke! ECE3171A-5D51-4BE8-B93B-8643A1956371.jpeg 8 week old AKC German Shepard added to our family. Hope all is well with you and yours. Remember one day at a time my friend
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