Oracle Bud

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by raven444, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. raven444

    raven444 New Farmer

    Does anyone have any input on BC seeds' Oracle Bud? 37 days to flower? 45% THC? Is this all hype or is it real? And $1995 for 10 beans? HUH?
  2. Sweetcheeba420

    Sweetcheeba420 Premium Farmer

    id never ever pay that, i call bullshit:fubar
  3. raven444

    raven444 New Farmer

    I agree Cheeba. But does anyone have any experience dealing with these people . Are they scammers? has them listed in their scammer section stating they send nothing or send non-viable seeds. They seem to carry every strain known to man. Very expensive for their own breeds. But are they real? Has anyone grown these high priced strains?
  4. jflo

    jflo New Farmer

    id like to know as well...
  5. 4u2sm0ke

    4u2sm0ke Farmer

    I dont like to say anything bad about anyone..But Im still waiting for my beans..been over a year now..and when contacted never got a reply..Sorry..All i can say Is I wont buy from them again..take care and be safe..and why Pay that outragious price when they have Awesome genetics here in this site..Take care and be safe

  6. winta

    winta Well-Known Farmer

    ive heard good and bad things about them. my friend from the east coast is growin it now and has crossed it with every strain he has! so he is lovin it! but a few of my friends via forums agree wit 4u2sm0ke and say they are scammers! ive only smoked their trainwreck x northern lights and that was pretty bomb but not spectacular so i dont know which way to go and dont have $800-3000 to gamble wit!
  7. jflo

    jflo New Farmer

    ya agreed.. with all of the above but just would really like to know if the 37 day flower is true...hey WINTA yer buddy who got them say it thats true?
  8. winta

    winta Well-Known Farmer

    my buddy bought the elephant bud when it was 500 (its like 800 now) he isnt done with flowering yet but so far he loves it and said it grows extremely fast so in a month i could tell u if its really bomb ass shit
  9. BigKush

    BigKush New Farmer

    i dunno about indoor, but I can say it is DEFINITELY not early outdoors... quality of smoke is AWESOME, but 37 days is a JOKE