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Papa's Propagation Playland

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Papa Indica, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. OK, I think I need a thread to cover all of my grows so, here it is. Got a few things going on, a lot for me, not so much for others. I've got 3 Sour Fire Lost from OSG Collective in flower all started from seed, my #1 is a week ahead of my #2 and #3 due to some early problems. I've got a G13 Clone from my buddy @G gnome that I just flipped, I'll give it a few days then I'm gonna take a few cuttings from it. I also stuck a Hindu Kush Auto in there, I'm not sure how it's gonna do with the 12/12 light schedule, or even why I'm growing an auto at all actually but, I got the freebie seed and the urge to start it for some reason so it is what it is. I've still got my last, (and best), Kandy Kush in there too, she's 10 weeks today and coming down tomorrow or the next day.
    What's in flower right now is quite manageable, it's the stuff that's gonna want to be crowding in with it before it's done that's the problem.
    In veg I've got cuts from my SFL's, 3 cuts of Sour Diesel x The White from @tattoojim , a Cannalope Kush, and a Northern Lights, both from seed, and soon to have cuts from the G13. Looking at things now I probably shouldn't have started the 2 from seed yet but, I wasn't expecting to have some of it so, things kinda blew up. Not that I'm complaining, just have to work out what I'm gonna do. The SD x TW, which I'm going to refer to as White Diesel, (fuck it, no one else wants to name it, I will), is looking like it's gonna pull through. When I first got the cuts and put them in the TK I was impressed with them, overnight they had stood right up straight with the leaves pointed right up at the light but, from there they just continuously faded out, kinda withered away. They did grow some roots though and even though they were looking kind of rough I planted them not wanting to lose them, after a few days in soil I'm starting to see new growth so, it's looking real good, I think they're gonna come around and be ok. Tough bitches.
    So, gonna tag in a few more people here, sorry if I forget anyone I shouldn't.
    @Limonene @happy b @ghettogrower @gardnguyahoy @sixstring @stonestacker @str8smokn
    I don't know, I'm high.
    I know how much everyone loves the lights on pics so, why not start with some!
    PC160003.JPG PC130005.JPG
  2. THCdurk


    It's not gonna do well on 12 12 I had to do that because of space issues and mine didn't come out very dense. My whole first grow was a wreck lololol
  3. Sorry bro, forgot to tag you. Fucking cookies man, I'm sure there are many others. Maybe I'll see about squeezing that girl back in under the t5's, lol. Thanks bro.
  4. I've trimmed up some of the withering leaves since that pic and everything is looking good, staying nice and green and showing new growth. I started a tea brewing this morning for everyone to get a taste of.
  5. embaks


    Looks really good man.. Those clones look like they are deff going to take
  6. Got my new 4 liter bottles of Jungle Juice 3-part today, and my little bottle of Humboldt's Secret. That HS literally smells like the sewage treatment plant on a bad day. I'm gonna jump right into using this stuff in place of my FoxFarm nutes, hopefully it won't be too much of a shock to the system for them. :)
    Damn power went out on me for a bit, back on now.
  7. Og Gong

    Og Gong Rip Geologic

    Don't forget to reset the timers after the power outage!
  8. Luckily, my timers all have battery back-up so, nothing to worry about there.
  9. happy b

    happy b Guest

    That white deisel sounds just about to order some white cookie fems.
    papa it sounds like u might have some temp problems in your Tk if your cuts arent rooting well.havin a tk in an actual grow room under even cfl,s can be too hot.try takin it out and away from your grow lights and use normal incandescent bulbs and fixtures to root works amazingly for me.
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  10. It has it's own space set up in the closet with just a single tube, 2 foot, t5 and an extra fan blowing directly on the tank. All of my SFL's went perfectly for me, I think going through the mail the way that they did and taking a few days to get here was harder on those White Diesel's that it first appeared. Like I said though, they are coming back by the look of things, at least a couple of them, if not all 3.
  11. I think so too, I'm trying hard not to let them get away from me, can't wait to check it out. I'm right psyched about that G13 from the gnome too, that should be some serious shit.
  12. happy b

    happy b Guest

    U only need 1 to make it although atleast 2 is best that way you can flower one out as soon as its a decent size instead of waiting till ones big enough then takin clones and making sure theyr rooted before flowering out.
  13. I'd be happy to get one but, two would definitely be much better, and my cousin will get some too, I like having the benefit of having back-ups at his house and he likes being able to get cuts of good stuff from me. It seems like my last couple of runs have gone a little south on me, it's time for a big turn around. I hope this Jungle Juice line-up works out well for me, I'd hate to waste, (more or less), more time.
  14. happy b

    happy b Guest

    An jj?
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  15. G gnome

    G gnome

    Im super excited to see how u like the g13 pal. U can expect some frosty, funky, vigorous, dense grenade nugs. 1446987389692.jpg 20150119_053843.jpg
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  16. Limonene


    That does look good. Looks like a breeze to trim as well.
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  17. G gnome

    G gnome

    Nothin to it
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  18. Well fuck. I don't know how but I missed you tagging me in.
    Found you in new posts.
    Looking real good Pops. I'm in now lol.
  19. me to :)
  20. Yup me too ^

    Subbed and waiting for a show. Sucks your not getting roots on that tk.... I concur with Whats his face, try backing the light off. Did you snip the leaves in half?
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