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Partial Harvest Effect On Remaining Buds?

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by tj Wise, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. tj Wise

    tj Wise

    so if I cut 25 big buds and then leave the rest outside for 10-14 days... will they do better than if I just didn't cut anything?
  2. It'll definitely do better. I always do a second pull on outdoor if gives light to your smaller buds and let's them fill out.
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  3. i hit with 0-50-30 once half dose then hit with molasses for a week or two.
    mine were fluffy but hardened up in a 5 gallon bucket.
  4. The more I play with stage -harvesting removing, meaning how many times I'm harvesting ( right now it's 2-4 times ) on my outdoor plants before they are done . It helps mid range become almost like the big ones by 10-14 days.

    You just have to be anal about watching what plants don't like your environment and what benefit the most from multiple stage harvesting. Cause in past few years I won't harvest a plant in whole that's fosure .
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  5. What about indoor plants is it same situation the smaller will get bigger once you take the bigger buds?
  6. Ive found about a 10-20% gain in weight on harvesting from the top down in 3 waves over 4 weeks, most all the lowers harden up and pack on a very noticeable size increase. The real question is that extra time it takes for the 10-20% gain worth the time in your flower room. How i gage it is if i have plants ready to go in the flower room harvest fast, if my veg isnt quite there harvest over time. Harvesting a plant over a few weeks has a few good thing that happen, extra weight, better quilty lower buds, but one of the best imo is sampling the meds at differnt thc ripeness, this will truly show you the effects a few days have. One thing to watch for is the finger hash not being sticky once this happens ya went too far and will lose some smell and the meds will make you want to sleep.
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  7. I need to proof read b4 i post, there is a miss type, 3 waves over 3 weeks not 4. Its not that i haven't stretched it that far, just wouldn't recommend it.
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