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Pesticide Question

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by thebombhehe, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I have a question regarding pesticide for my plants. I recently bought a "Sevin" bottle to use for them.

    Is this pesticide good enough for keeping the known insects attracted to cannabis for indoor growing out? If not, do you have any other recommendations for what kind of industrial pesticide to buy?
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    No, do not use Sevin indoors. That is mainly used on vegetable gardens. Use this product, nothing to spray on your plants. This is organic and uses herbs in the water to inoculate the soil and leaves.

    SNS 209, available on Amazon.
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  4. Geraniol is pretty good stuff not only does it get rid of bugs. thymol is another essential oil. Limonene as well...yay!

    Geraniol also kills rhazotonic solani and fusarium oxysporom.

    Geraniol performed the best in a study i read about some time ago

    Edit: dont forget that spraying your plants with essential oils(if they already produce the ones you're using) increase the levels of said oils in the plant! So i have heard....
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  5. A good homemade product for maintenance is a habenaro spray. Cheap, easy and all natural
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  7. Yes. If you just follow directions and add it to water at waterings early on, indoors, you won't develop any pests. It makes the weed taste terrible to insects, and in the soil. I'm going to likely use it as I'm starting a grow in summer. That's the only time I get anything inside, then, its always fungus gnats.
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  8. You might be rite......mate!!!
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  9. Thank you for the advice!
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  10. How many apps do you use a d how long does it keep the gnatties away?
  11. I had a horrible infestation couple years back. Completely sealed room. I was watering I look down the hole floor was moving. Thought I was having a flashback. Grabbed the hose and sprayed em all out the door. Then heavily treated the soil all natural. I was at week 6 in flower. If my plants weren’t 5-6 feet that run I would have lost the lot.
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  12. There is several things that can work, like some guys have already mentioned. I just find that stuff easy, simple, and effective. But I stop using it as soon as any problem is gone.
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  13. Ah, I think you're trolling in this reply. You simply wanted a question answered? Nah, you're just a troll on an alternate account from the looks of it.
  14. No trolls here, just trying to help and learn as we go!!
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  15. Oh, you, huggs and ya!
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  16. First time I got them, they were suddenly very thick in the tent. I wasn't sure what to do, so I bought those big yellow sticky pads and laid them down everywhere in there I could. And, lowered the temp to 70 daytime, 60's night. Let the soil dry up. Took a couple weeks but I got them. They were in veg at the time. Fungus gnats.
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