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Ph 5.1 Overwater Or Wait It Out?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Im confused, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hi! I have an autoflower Pineapple Express seedling that is ten days old, growing in a five gallon pot of fox farm ocean forest soil and perlite. Long story short, this is my first grow, I checked soil with broken meter (read 6.8), noticed signs of nutrient burn, checked PH, found out meter was broken, replaced meter, now with the new meter is says the soil is at 5.2. I apologize if that doesn't make sense but if I were to say it all out in complete sentences, you guys would be reading an essay. I just watered two days ago and it's still really moist. Its only ten days old and it just recovered from being overwatered. It's in such a big pot so it's staying moist for awhile. So, should I water it now and overwater AGAIN just after it recovered, or wait let it sit in terrible soil for 2-3 days? Thanks for your time, your help is MUCH appreciated!
  2. Let it dry out,when plants are small they don't use much water.Ffof is too hot of a soil for seedlings so next time use something like happy frog in a party cup and transplant into ffof later.When you do water try to water less(shot glass or two) until your seedling grows a bit.
  3. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    5.2 Ph is more of a hydro range in soil you want to be between 6.1-6.5 strain and nute regime dependent
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  4. check out a low cost dewatering tool to remove excess water from the soil of an over watered plant.
  5. Jimster


    I typically use a 5-6 gallon bucket with a few holes drilled into the base, and Promix. I find it's impossible to overwater it due to the holes and water holding properties of Promix. Any time something gets too acidic, I flush with copious amounts of water, which will drain out the excess within an hour with my setup. Promix seems to be perfect for water holding, but it tends to dry out quickly towards the end, requiring about a gallon/day/plant.
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  6. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    I am sure his plant is dead now.
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    I didn't realize this post was from April. I wonder what happened? Probably met it's demise, as you said :(
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  8. Can ya grab me a board stretcher while yer at it?
  9. I like what I see in 2 minutes of looking at promix's lineup.
    Have you gone to this brand after using ffof or organics? I like the high porosity. I did my own using coir/perlite/amended soil. It seems to settle when I looked at my last run. I use play sand at the top to combat pests.that may play into it as well.
  10. Jimster


    I've been using Promix for over 30 years and never had any problems at all. I will sometimes mix maybe 25% composted manure to it, but aside from general ferts, that's about it. I admit that it does settle after a while (which is where the manure seems to help a little with water holding as well as other nutrients that might not be otherwise available) and I usually have to provide at least a gallon of water a day at the end stages. When finished, the roots are so fully engulfing the medium that it's like a sponge, so sometimes I'll put a shallow pan under the bucket to aid in keeping some extra water available. Everything is indoors. I have tried Metromx and tried to make my own, but Promix seems to work best for my methods and experiences. Hell, I'm still using the same magnetic ballasts that I used when Carter was in office! :D
    I probably should modernize, but I'm an old creature of habit.
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  11. My well emits a steady 5.4 ph. Practically ideal for pure coco but not very nice on the plumbing. Seedlings do not like it much - even in coco. To grow in soil I have to correct it up otherwise it always sours the soil after some weeks.