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Ph Perfect Scam

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by PeglegCultiv8r, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Hiya All, sometimes I'm so naive that it's embarrassing. When someone says to you "I've reinvented the wheel" just punch em in the nose. I read a lot of info about nutes before purchasing AN Ph Perfect Micro Grow and Bloom thinking that while learning how to run a hydro set up that major fluctuations would be one more challenge I didn't need (at the moment at least). Needless to say, the Ph ain't so perfect. In fact it jumps almost 2 full points in under 2 hrs. I start with distilled H20 and add quarter strength nutes to the water as my gals are still itty bitty and like it gentle. Once that's done Ph is 6.5- 7. Not 'perfect' but not acid rain either. 2 hrs passes and the Ph spikes up to 8.5- 8.8. I've got clean equipment, calibrated milwaukee meters, good water and (par for the course) no idea of wtf I'm doing wrong. I do have GH 3 part series as well, if you can provide some advice I'll be like 'grasshopper'- promise. Man, I'm dumb sometimes. . . Thanks in advance.
  2. I think that you should stop using the distilled water, and if your PPM's are lower than 200 in your tap water just use that. Then your PH perfect should work. But I'm no expert.
  3. Ph perfect dosnt work if any out side additives are used.. Mix and matched advanced additives cant even be used. You must use their beginner expert or master grower bundles.
  4. Haaaaaaaate.


    Hate hate hate.

    Coming soon-the AN Ph probe that does not stay calibrated unless stored rectally when not in use.
  5. I hate AN, except their oh down.
  6. I believe AN's requirement for pH prefect is that you start with RO water, or perhaps distilled water would work also since it is 0 ppm. They have a cool demo on youtube showing their PH Perfect demo


    However, a few questions remains, it balanced initially to pH, but what about in the future (swings)
    What if you use other non brand ingredients or non PH Perfect approved additives?

    The video was cool, but it was probably stacked in their favor as well, as all magicians work setting the stage.
  7. whats the price of that? more than ph strips, up and down?
  8. it probably works best at full strength - the plants eat too much and don't leave any buffer minerals. I'd say use your GH nutes until flower. see if it works then.
  9. i use ph perfect 2 part sensi and my ph stays perfectly in range all the time. my water outta the tap starts in the late 7's no more ph meters for me
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  11. Capulator

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    Is pH perfect just a bunch of Ca to act as a buffer?
  12. There is NO perfect PH only an acceptable RANGE. Many actually prefer the PH to swing within this range to provide more of each element at differing times. Chasing a "perfect PH" will only cause headaches. Stay in RANGE and you will be ok. Also dont be so quick to adjust any "out of range" readings. Earth Juice as an example reads very acidic when first mixed but will ballance out in about 24 hrs. I know comparing EJ to AN is like comparing apples to orange flavored rocks but you get the idea.
  13. Mine sure like 6.0 way more than 5.8. I suspect this product would not work for me.
  14. A slight pH change, or swing is necessary for proper nutrient uptake throughout the life of the plant. This is natural, there is of course a range that must be maintained narrowly--but overall small changes in pH over time are good. The pH nutrient availability profiles are useful, but they do not "hit the nail on the head", so to speak, on a species to species basis (and on that note on a phenotype to phenotype basis).
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  15. Nice video. I hadn't seen it before.

    I think pH-Perfect works really well when you use it as directed - and I do. When you start screwing with it, that's when things go wonky.
  16. All that video showed is how NOT to mix nutes and exactly how watered down the rhino skin is. I typed damn near a page bitching about this video before I decided to erase it and sum it up with FUCK ADVANCED!!!!! While im in my bitching mood you might as well throw away the milwake meters as well. Just to have something possitive to write........there is a reason NASA uses GH.
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  17. Used to have Barricade. .1 ml/liter. Now Rhino Skin @ 2 ml/liter, so 5% the strength.
  18. if you don't want to worry about PH, then start growing organically in soil. I haven't checked PH in 10 years!
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    man dank u too much sometimes, u deff blessed me with a good laugh THANK U!!!!

    that really was great:)
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  20. Does Your bottle say PH PERFECT on it? If not its not the right one. They make both versions. One regular and one PH PERFECT version

    Which one ya got