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Ph Test Error?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by MetalGear, May 23, 2018.

  1. Hi guys

    I am not running a ph meter at the moment due to mine being not accurate after calibration. So I’m stuck with the GH test kit and drops.

    My question is how low could ph drop after using

    - 1 Gal Poland spring (non distilled)

    - 10ml PBP grow

    - 3ml CalMag

    I mixed up my gallon and the test kit sample turned bright red like 4.0 ph.. is that possible or a fluke? Looking to get any ideas of roughly what ph a gallon of Poland spring should be after adding some nutes like that (ppm meter said 600 which i thought was spot on)

  2. Do you know what your starting normal water ph is? I can tell you how many ml/g you'll need to get to your target ph.
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  3. It was a sealed Poland spring so in the past I’ve gotten 7.0-7.3 with my old Hanna meter. I have always been going based on that for years if I’m not in a place with RO
  4. If its 7.3, and you need 6.4ph water, add .75ml ph down (GEN HYDRO brand only). I'm not sure if all ph downs act the same for potency. I rarely bust out my ph pens any more. Maybe 1x every few months.
  5. So what happend was when I put

    10ml PBP grow & 3ml CalMag into a sealed Poland spring gallon

    I PH tested with the gh ph kit after mixing the water and it was 4-5 bright red. No ph down was added I have never seen it be so acidic which is why I’m wondering could it be a fluke? My ph pen is busted or I’d try to double check with that. Any idea what could have made it so low? I feel like I’ve only used ph up once in 10 years
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  6. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Are you sure you measured correctly? Flower nutes especially dry boosters drop a lot. When going full boar on some nute companies you have to use up. I add nutes to the tap water till the ph is in range. A little gets you to high 6s in soil and a little more will get you to high 5s for coco. You would be amazed and what the plant needs vs whats on the back of the nute bottle.
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  7. Yes positive I was going exact I use a medical ML syringe to suck the nutes out of the bottle.

    Pulled 10ML on the dot PBP grow and put in water , then 3 ML CalMag ( bottle says use 5ML )

    I just feel like i should have still had to add ph down by a drop or two after adding those nutes. Can pbp grow and CalMag be that acidic?