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Plant Growth Regulators (PGR's) = Poison

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by LabDabz, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. LabDabz


    Way too many people are using additives like Phosphoload, Bushmaster, Gravity, Top Load, Flower Dragon, etc. without truly understanding what is actually in them or whether or not they are dangerous.

    The reasoning behind the ubiquitous usage of these specific PGR's are 3 fold.

    Farmers use them to:
    -stop the vertical growth (halt gibberellins,) and headstart flower production during transition to flower (first 2 weeks)
    -boosts of density and yield (wks 3-5)
    -harding of flowers (last 2 weeks)

    PGR's are poison and take a flower of incredible medicinal value and straight up adulterate it for the pure pursuit of coin or to make up for their lack of skills as a ganja farmer or to boost yields from a poorly environmentally controlled room..

    These products have been banned for sale in hydro stores by the California Dept. of Ag but are still there and are going no where.. A combination of this and the fact that they can be easily ordered online and drop shipped to your home.

    Step it up peeps, we need a mass grower wide boycott of these products. The more self-regulation we can do will prevent unwanted regulation in the long run.. & SC Laboratories--Know Your Medicine educational film series on the science of Cannabis- this one is on Plant Growth Regulators (PGR's)

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  2. the additives you listed contain PGR's? WHich ones? I don't use any nor would I. However I am planning to use some PGR in experiments at the garden. The vid doesn't speak of the naturally produced hormones. Gibberellins ,tricantanol, abcisic acid and a few other. Good to know, and thanks so much for posting that info.
    Good on ya Lab
  3. I like to treat my plants like a lobbyist treats a politician. I feed them coke and hookers, and they produce for me.
    Maybe I should not prioritize plant health and happiness and seek a shortcut to yield.

    Just kidding. My plants communicate with me. They feel how much I love them and care about their health and appearance. They don't need chem PGRs, they need my love and for me to be competent at giving them care.

    I know someone with a 15k room in a warehouse, building out a 23k next to it. I told him about PGRs and health and danger. He doesn't really give a fuck. "If you knew what chemicals I have put into my body already" kind of response.

    I believe most of the large-scale commercial producers do not treat the whole room as if it would all go to themselves and their friends.

    Shortsightedness. In the end, we should make choices we can tell our children about proudly when they are grown.
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  4. cannabis farmers.....must be looked at by the rest of the agricultural a bunch of fuckin BoBo the Clowns.

    We pay 100 times what ferts are sold to everyone else in farming.

    Do you think the US government would allow this chemical to have gone into CORN?

    Fuck no. (well, maybe)

    These manufacturers treat us like poo-butt green peas. And goddamit...sometimes I act like one. Because I have used this shit without having a clue... And was happy with the results.

    Shit...I cant but a quart of Naptha in Cali to clean a paintbrush with. But I can but this shit?!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yep i don't get this at all. Cali will without a doubt pull these products if they haven't already. Still, business as usual right?
    Lab great post homes. Thanks again

  6. Ythor


    To be honest (coming from "the rest of the... world"), no, not really. More like Dennis Leary in his "No Cure for Cancer" CD.

    "Remember that friend in high school wanted to make bongs out of everything. Making bongs out of apples and oranges and shit? Come in one day and find your friend going, "Hey! Look man, I made a bong outta my head! Put the pot in this ear and take it outta this one! Good! Take a hit! *snort*""

    Pretty much, yeah. That's to be expected when the crop runs $3000/pound and up, though. Even the HOPE of additional gains merits the extra expenditure.

    Some PGRs are pretty much harmless; those used for rooting, for example, present little- if any- risk to the end user. Between the concentration used, the time elapsed, and the part of the plant that is treated (roots) versus what is consumed (floral parts), it's difficult to conceive where the risk could possibly be.

    However, things like acaricides and foliar PGRs- that's just insane. And there's a huge double-standard; most "organic" growers would take a pass if I told them I had a bottle of a hormone-disrupting tetra-substituted oxirane tetranortriterpenoid pesticide for their plants. But when they found out that was the active ingredient neem oil, they might well have already used the stuff. But, hey- it's "natural," right? Ingesting a triterpenoid bug-killer is okie-dokie in that context.
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  7. huh?

    What other branch of agriculture pays equivalent costs for their ferts?
  8. Ythor


    On a fertilizer weight basis, I easily pay that much for my fertilizer salts used in tissue culture. High-purity, tissue-culture grade nutrients, etc.

    On a plant weight basis- final crop, ~$3,000 per pound- I could do some math, but it's late and I don't feel like it, but cannabis growers aren't unique in that category, either.
  9. what are some "tissue culture grade nutrients"
  10. Ythor


    Fertilizer salts purchased for use in plant tissue culture. The stuff has to be run through tests to make sure it passes spec. So, for example, ammonium nitrate at $41/kg, not counting HAZMAT shipping fees because it's an oxidizer. Or, for example, a complete nutrient medium (MS salt base) that runs about $.50 a liter (final volume). That's roughly equivalent to paying $1.90 a gallon for your diluted nutrient solution.
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  11. ok . . .. i get it. . . i know a guy, well a cannabis wizard that is using his own mix of dry ferts
  12. Tissue culture salts? Why if not ONLY for the tissue culture usage? And the amount one might use on the media would be so minute it would still last you forever, I would imagine. Salts are cheap, people just go with what everone else does becasue they simply don't know enough. But I digress...
    These synthetic human created PGR's are poison, and there are plenty of natural PGR's that will do mostly the same thing. Much research has been done on these and a plethora of information is available online.
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  13. What is the deal with people going so crazy over these PGRs 90 percent of them are safe for food crops, infact the only people talking about the dangers are the cannabis growers, yes there is two or three that was found in a product that had already been deamed to be unsafe. But really should these few represent what we think about all them. PGRs are essential to plants growth, there are many that a human could safely consume with a spoon, some are extracted directtly from plants and some are just amino acids. even many of the synthetic ones are safe. all most synthetic products are doing is converting the precursors for the plant rather then the plants doing it on its own. every nutrient company uses some kind of pgr. Infact every grower uses them with out even realizing it. even organic soils contain amino acids which i believe are the precursors for hormones. with out hormones plant species could not survive
  14. synthetic pgr's and plant hormones from kelp and/or alfalfa are 2 different things

    90 percent of synthetic PGRs are NOT safe on food craps and they are banned by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for use on food crops because they are KNOWN toxins