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Pm Emergency!

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Indikitty, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. I’m almosy a week away from harvest and I’ve found a bunch of PM. I hastily sprayed milk solution and pulled those leaves. What can I do now that won’t affect the sugar, I had no rub on my last crop since we used milk a lot in the last few weeks. I’m looking for something that’s obviously not going to affect the smoke at this point
  2. If this was weeks prior I would suggest regalia , that will work but it’s a little expensive. Here’s 2 choices with that.

    Since in last weeks of flower there is little you can do but keep the issue but getting worse ( like having the pm all over the buds )

    * What I would do is use a product called greencure and spray that at full strength (2 tablespoons per gal ) and till the day before harvest spray again . That product is not only safe but super effective on pm till harvest, but once you have pm it’s like aids. You can’t get rid of it unless you used some non approved stuff and really shouldn’t ever.

    * Ethier that or h202 at 5% dilluation with wetting agent ( get the 35%-37% versions ) That method you can even dip your harvest before you trim or let dry to guarantee the pm is more at bay. Lots of growers in the outdoor growing do that method as a preventive method
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  3. I spray In veg and the first month of flower, have 4 regular dehus and one industrial which is set to 45% by this time in cycle. There’s no water left in the room, the lights come on half way through the feeding. I hve no idea why this happened. I haven’t had Any pm in over a year until last month and I just couldn’t get ahold of it, too late to spray anything strong,

    I’ll maybe try the h202, have some left over wetting agent. I can spray this? I don’t want to dunk. Will it affect the taste or smoke or the sugar? I recycle absolutely everything, rub, leaves, etc.
  4. Flower dunking has been done for Years and you don’t lose barely any of your triches, you just swirl it in a circle and after 5-10 plants or branches depending on plant you throw away the H2O2 water.

    Here’s dilation for foliar:


    I would foliar spray And dunk at end! If you have availability get some greencure ( 20 bucks will do your whole room and you have some left )

    Everything I said above can be sprayed till harvest !
  5. Next grow Procidic2 or Regalia will get you a clean harvest without a ton of applications
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  6. I wanna get a bottle of Regalia and do a IFM for my flowering since this stuff seems to have good reviews and I’m loving grandevo for prest side of things for prevention of majority of soft bodied pests .prevention is the key
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  7. Dunk them and don't be scared. Thc is not water soluble and h202 is just water with an extra oxygen molecule. Got to love them radicals!
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