Police shoot dog during misdemeanor marijuana raid

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  1. This is such a fucked up story, I can't believe these cowardly assholes have the nerve to kick in the door of this family's house, shoot the family dog 7 times in front of their 7 year old child and then charge the parents with endangering a minor and a misdemeanor fucking marijuana possession charge. This is your idea of protecting a child, kicking in the door of his house with semi-automatic weapons and then shooting the childs best friend simply because he's trying to protect to his family. You trigger happy gun toting retards. I hope when you get to hell that pitbull is waiting to chew on your nuts for eternity.

    heres the link..to the story and the youtube video...


    Heres a link to the columbia, mo police dept feedback form, please take a minute fill it out, let these douchebags know the people will not stand for this.

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    utterly disturbing.... wow
  3. Let me guess.. the dog was a pitbull or pitbull mix??
  4. cowards that's what the are!
  5. I agree.. them deputies should be lined up and shot..
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    According to the story one of the dogs was a bully or bully mix. The other dog was a fucking Welsh Corgi. Oh, what a dangerous dog! They had to shoot them both!

    And in other news a dangerous DEER was gunned down in East Oakland. The neighborhood was in danger from the deer, so the answer was to shoot a yearling buck seven fucking times. Seven times. Slowly.
  7. this happens all the time where im from...
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    There are so many things wrong with that story. I sent a long ass email to that website. If they had done a little investigation, they could have done that search in a safe way for the family, and there department. The really fucked up thing is the lead dick head said dont worry about the dog. If it was a threat they should have secured it then. That was just pure incompetence. Kicking in doors in the middle of the night needs to be discontinued in all but the most necessary cases. It puts to many people in unnecessary danger. Its like having a 100 MPH pursuit through a school zone to catch a shoplifter. Fuck that pisses me off.
  9. kick my fuckin door in the middle of the night your gonna meet a 33 round clip outta of a AR-15 so come on in boys....you'll wish there was a dog!!
  10. Karma is a bitch deputy do-right
  11. Ufukngbelievable......these assholes!

    Since when is misdemeanor posession "child endangerment"?
    I hope he has a kick-ass attorney and sues the PD.

    Let's see here.....small amount of a harmless substance vs. busting someone's door down in the middle of the night with guns and shooting 2 family dog's in front of a small child.
    Gee...I wonder which one the poor kid's gonna be affected by FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!
    All so these small-prick douche bags can play GI Joe.

    Fuck the popo!
  12. yea shit like this make my blood boil.
  13. when i lived in east oakland in the murder 30's..
    there wer feral packs of pitbulls that wer thrown out by the dogfighters , dumped in the industrial area.
    no joke i seen cops drinking coffee and taking pot shots at them. no one gives a fuck. its armageddon time folks. :rain:rain:rain wer fuked ... riot gear and dead corgi's
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    I just sent a nicely worded letter to them cops over in MO :)
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    There you have it. "Family Ripped Apart By Marijuana"!

    That's the headline those dikkwads would love to see... BUT THIS ISN'T THE 60s ASSWIPES! After 50 years we KNOW the only families ever ripped apart by pot are the ones that got in the way of your glorious drug war and are rotting in your made for profit jails.
    They must be so proud and fulfilled, having such an important job, namely making money for prison owners.
    I'm sure the California prison collective already has a back-up plan in case the legalization goes through... Imprison 18-20 year olds that got caught with a dime bag. That should keep those cells crowded.... Science, I'm so mad...
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    I hear you FE, and you're right, the prison industry is just that--an industry. The area of criminal law and justice is one of those job markets that has been projected to explode in the U.S. How do they do that? Oh yeah... gotta bust people.
    One of my sisters lives in west Oakland. A few months ago one of her cats was mauled by a pack of ferals. These dogs had been harassing people on the streets, had broken into her backyard, and were clearly very dangerous. Numerous calls to Oakland animal control got her nothing. So she turned to the police department. They did nothing. Then her cat was mauled on her front doorstep.

    She handled the problem herself. No more feral dogs.
  17. Here is the comment I sent.
    * I just saw the video of the police raiding a grow house. Do police take a special class on how to be complete evil bastards. I am raising my children to respect police and appreciate the job that they do. But when police raid a house with children who is really damaging those children. Who is really teaching those kids that cops are evil. A couple hrs later and those children would have been at school. What happened to police doing some work before raids. A little survelience and they would know when it is safe to serve there warrant.
    And then to kill the dog. Are they such cowardly bastards they could not taser the dog.
    I hope to god that the officers are fired and brought up on charges of animal cruelty.
    I have known a lot of police and a lot of them are good people with big hearts doing a diffacult job.

    Those officers are nothing but power tripping monsters. I hope they go to hell and get ass raped by satan himself.

    I am so angry that they can do this and attemp to get away with it. By hiding behind the badge. That badge is paid for by me and the other tax payers they bully.
    They are supposed to protect and serve.
    I have never in my life felt so angry at a officer. But I can honestly say I will be less saddened when a boy in blue is killed in the line of duty.
    If they continue to get away with murder.
    I have always donated to my local police. I do not think i will ever give them another dime.
    * Form: feedback
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