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popular bloom additive recipe

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by budboy299, May 21, 2010.

  1. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    I was with reef and he asked what was in my 6 pac I had no clue what he was talking about. I would add some mag phosphate,k phosphate,K sulphate to that list. JK
  2. This is kind of a neat link which gives you the NPK values of a ton of different ferts.
    just makes it easier than searching all over the web
  3. redeye


    great thread budboy
    so if i can only get the potash at 0-0-48 how much of that would i need to put into the mix for the PK 9/18 ? also do you happen to know the ratio of MKP to bulk amino acid powder and epsom salt so I can make some original big bud...
  4. Gotta apologize here post 12 I said that the potassium sulphate I used was 0-0-60, it actually was 0-0-50. Merely a typo on my part. The amounts were based on 0-0-50 so all is ok with the recipe.

    BUT....someone said that their country uses potassium sulphate in the 0-0-40 ratio
    if your country is this you simply up the amount of potassium to 110.6 grams to make up for the shortfall.
    again my apologies
  5. To get the same NPK values as Big Bud use: for 1 Litre of mixture

    Monopotassium phosphate 0-52-34 11.6 grams
    potassium sulphate 0-0-50 28.4 grams-(or 0-0-40 use 34.08grams)
    Magnesium sulphate 0-0-0 10.4 grams (Epsom salts)

    then add enough distilled water to finish out the mixture at 1 Litre
    The Epsom salts are only in it to boost the Magnesium a little.

    I can't find enough info on the amino acids they use but you can get bulk mixture amino acid product to add into it. The aminos do not add any significant amounts to the NPK ratios of the final product.

    This actually a pretty weak product as far as a fertilizer goes but with a few guys that love it...the aminos may be the factor which helps, otherwise I simply cannot see where the would be that great.
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  6. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    My goodness, you're gonna undercut all these companies. Nice work. :)

    Currently involved in a discussion elsewhere on the utility of amino acids, many papers have been shared on the subject, very interesting. Kelp products seem to be very rich in aminos plants appreciate.
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  7. I just ordered a fertilizer formulating program called nutron 2000+
    Does anyone have any experiences with this software?

    it says you can enter the ingredients in your popular fertilizers, along with the NPK ratios and it will engineer the amounts of each ingredient you need to build the same product.

    I will give a review once I receive it and figure out how to work it. Let the games begin!
  8. Nice
  9. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    This thread needs a bump. Squarepusher, can you fix the link PP69 asked about, pretty please?
  10. This is probally how fert company start, some guy looks at this and says I can sell it for half what they do and make a killing, Then he rents a building, pays elec, insuranace,employes, workmans comp, equipment to package and mix, ect ect, Then he has to ship it to a hydro shoip, and wait that guy has to pay his bills too, By the time you add up all the costs they are probally not making as much as you think they are. Are ferts over priced in hydro shops? probally, but if you spend a good ammount of money you should be getting %20 off everything.
  11. leadsled

    leadsled GrowRU

    Thanks for sharing!! Good stuff. fatman made it to the farm but got banned.

    Still learning about the mute mixing. This site also has a calculator and seems to have some good info on the subject.

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  12. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    WOW! I should have just opened up the .exe file from the getgo. Wine has really come a long way, opened right up for me and the calculator is working. I'm wearing a big ol' grin right now!

    All I need at this point is to know what I'm doing. :o
  13. billyy2288

    billyy2288 Guest

    Thanks you for the post.
  14. hey budboy, how do you like nutron 2000? how is it compared to hydro buddy?

    btw, bud candy/factor x is 51 g/L of epsom salts. sweet is 152 g/L. what gets me is bud candy's application rate is 2 ml/L while sweet is 15-20 ml/L - AN adds only 10 ppm vs 90 ppm. it's $0.10 worth of espom salt and they sell it for $27. sweet goes for $20 for $0.30 worth of salts. sweet is the better deal ;)
  15. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Budboy's working on something special, I sure hope he gets it figured out. :)
  16. There's more than just epsom salts in these aren't there?

  17. Based on this label there's only epsom salt in that Bud Candy.

    Based on an other label it doesn't contain any epsom salt, but was derived from potassium sulfate, fruit juices and yeast.

    The first label (with only epsom salt) is for Oregon according to AN's website.
    Oregon has strict regulations on fertilizer labels, the other label might be for an other country, Europe, or it might be just on older label who knows.

    Anyway it might be possible that AN just dumped a quart of expired fruit juice into 1000 gal Bud Candy and there you go, now it contains grape and cranberries extracts along with sugars, vitamins, citric acid etc, all coming from that 1 quart fruit juice. Drop in some malt and yeast and you have all that L-aminos and vitamin B's.

    I used Nutron 2000+ and Hydrobuddy but Hydrobuddy is way better, Nutron does not worth the money.
  18. aRiv


    what a thread to come across!

    BudBoy, thanks for sharing all this with us!

    I came across a post you made for canna's coco base..

    I was wondering if a Canna COGR recipe was available? They have a separate veg/flower 2 part.

  19. edub30


    Hey Budboy, Was researching your thread as I'm starting to make my own nutes. For Bloom, I use the MOAB/Hammerhead combo that was suggested by Dannygreenthumb with great results. Anyway to get a formula where everything is already premixed where all I would have to do is cut my base nutes in half and add homemade MOAB/Hammerhead concoction ? Thanks for all the recipes by the way. You rock!