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Powdery mildew resistant strains?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by FastForward, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I know there's a load of us all fighting powdery mildew, so was wondering which plants are particularly resistant, even immune, to pm?

    There are plenty of plants out there which are apparently mould resistant, but are there any that are specifically pm resistant? Ideally from personal experience....

    Also, does pm prevail year round, or is it an autumn/winter thing?

    Ta in advance

  2. herby

    herby Guest

    When I was looking for outdoor strains for the south I was looking for both pm and mold resistance. Green crack was one that came up a lot. SSH, Satori, and durban poison.
  3. hazyfontazy

    hazyfontazy Guest

    i got a room full of diesels and 2 of my haze ,,diesels got it ,now cleaned up but my haze dont get it ,,so yes there are certain strains that dont ,,,

    i think pm lives mostly september till march...

    i'm about to experiment using penicillin/amoxyllin ,,i'm going to dilute some tablets into the nuites and see if it clears the infections up ,,,

    another test i'm doing is in nft using the zone ,,as we know its reccomended to spray dunk with zone /penetrator ,,
    well i added it to the tank like reccomended and we'll see if the use of zone which is a root sanitizer will stop the pm from forming far after 1 week the roots are looking pearly

    i'll keep u posted
  4. ukcheesehead

    ukcheesehead Guest

  5. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    my bubba kush S1 seems to get no PM. very resistant. i recall my RMS sour diesel was too.
  6. Thanks guys...

    Hazy - quality idea using penicillin, but that's an anti bacterial isn't it? maybe try some canasten (ask the mrs!) or athlete's foot stuff which is more fungally based? Can't wait to see the look on her face when you ask for canasten for your plants :)

    Cheesy - PMT....will get some (and I thought getting the mrs pregnant would stop all that for a while ;)). Gotta get some Spray Safe from CN too, as well as a new bottle of Clone Start.....time to put in an order methinks.

    Northone - my ventilation and humidity have been excellent....(20% rh, now in the 40s but has been low throughout the winter and the pm has been a bitch anyhow). The real problem for me is that my growroom is in a shed at the end of the every time I walk into it I'm bringing spores in on my feet. It's impossible to clean it all up so it's a constant battle. Am using Zone and Penetrator and it works well, but would love a strain that was resistant to save me the headache. I'd totally do winter grows with a resistant strain, and then move to another for spring/summer.....
  7. hazyfontazy

    hazyfontazy Guest

    i cant afford canesten ,,its 13 quid ,,slap a bit of live yogurt on em instead lol

    i saw the pmt a while back ,not sure where sells it ,,i still got loads of zone and citrofresh to use first ,i find these sprays only keep it at bay for so long then it reappears ,,systhane worked better than anything else but burnt pistils ,although it did stop the mildew ,,

    a constant battle but all part of the war for weed warriors like us :cool0041:
  8. The S.A.G.E I have has never been infected with PM... It sat right next to a SOurBubble that was just covered.... But not one spec on the S.A.G.E.... Good luck in your search....
  9. I can only say that jtr was always the first plant, that showed it! But although first class!

    In the business I work we plant roses next to our fields! They are always the first indicator and we know when to spary our plants! I'm a biological gardener, so I can't use products that can help after infections. I always have to be first, if not I'll gonna loose my harvest and lots of money!

    I never planted some roses in my growingroom, but I think I have to give it a go!?

  10. dna genetics

    dna genetics Guest

    LA Confidential is very pm resistant when all got it the LA stayed strong as it still does today..

    peace hommie,
  11. ojd

    ojd Guest

    when i had pm bad the purple bastard was 100% pm free
  12. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    My BP (bubba x paki) and my pre bubba I have had for years and no pm. I know the dutch bubba ssh is also very resistant. Suerte JK
  13. Go to [email protected] and check out ''Greencure''.This product stops fungus dead in it's tracks.One of the most knowledgable outdoor growers I know swears by this product.Applied at half dosage=1.5 teaspoons/per gallon of H2o this will stop Powdery Mildew Cold.
  14. i got one cripple creek that stand without a spot when all the other plants are covered by the white powder. i think some pakistanis-afghanis and sativas have the most resistance against that mould,but have to select the most resistant individuals... most of the commercial hybrids/polyhybids are very prone to mildrew. i think it's a selection matter being selected towards flavour and potency and forgetting the pest resistance (as being bred in a relative clean and well controlled facilitys).
  15. in the room I am taking care of, the L.A. Con is the only plant which has no tell tale signs of Mildew, however with my experience, I have never seen an L.A. with PM.....
  16. generally indicas from dry, powder areas which has thick clusters that causes better durability against powdery mildew that starts to mildew usualy right after powder settling and soaking of the buds (inner part of bud). theres visible that pure indicas are more resistant against powdery mildew than pure sativas flowerin in the nearby of powder source
  17. resistant if not immune...AMS resistant...DNA afghan-resistant.

    very susceptable to pm IME....Cannalope haze , Exile and carramella
  18. jimih

    jimih Premium Member Supporter

    My Bubba also was resistant to pm,,when the rest of the garden was hit very did that suck,i hate pm. Thanks for shareing UKchesehead...did pmt work for you??? did you have to apply it a few times to get rid of the pm????
  19. of course types like bubba,OG kush,sweet tooth,gdp,mazar and billion others indicas dominant are very resistant. by the way these new-wave polyhybrids,trihybrids even some of dihy,bx3,4 and up (if it is already hybrid) are often unusually mutated and variously clusterfucked in bad conditions including especially wrong pm situations, stressfful ups downs, shocks etc.

    forehead- if you keep cannalope under high pm conditions especially in flowering and there will any powder in the air, yor bud will turn into ash-like powder or maybe it will turn into chocolate powdery yummy bud (you won't need any grinder). it spreads from bud to bud and its hard to stop
  20. mato


    If you have access to raw milk that will cure your powdery mildew problems. Since treating my strains for a month straight with raw milk (at a cost of $20 bucks) I haven't seen PM in years. There are alive active enzymes and other bacterial entities in raw milk that have VERY high anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. If you can get your hands on colostrum thats even more action packed. Mix at a 1:10 ratio and skim the fat off the top of the raw milk before spraying (you want the fat free portion). If you have access to a farm/farmer or are willing to make a drive consider your PM issues a thing of the the raw milk is very nurturing for your ladies. Give it a shot, you'll be blown away. ;)