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Pre 98 Bubba Kush BHO

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by MitchyNugz, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. whats up farmers haven't really made any posts in this section so figure I would throw up something!

    I don't make BHO or budder much but I love smoking it, got a new nail and dome so i want to try it out....grabbed some butane today and 14g's of some bomb bubba Iv'e been puffing on, I used buds to make it cause I wanted it to be the best possible and I think she came out pretty good, smells exactly like the buds and has a great honey clear color....been stirring it up to get out all the butane and I might pop it in the freezer,what is best way to extract the butane????.....not sure if im gonna whip it into budder yet might do a lil bit and see how she goes!

    Going to blast some of the Jack The Ripper I just harvested tommorow so stay tuned for updates!

    Looks like an Octupus....maybe im just really high!


    The Bubba I used
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  2. heat to 140 and then vac purge if possible.
  3. thx bro thats what I figured no vac purge so im heating her like crazy then I put her on a coffee warmer and heated and whipped like mad for a couple hours then popped in freezer for night then popped it back on coffe warmer and whipped like mad again until all the butane was gone...pretty sure I got rid of it all as it would sparkel a bit in he early stage but now she just melts and dissapears I whipped it into budder and man she is something special she hits very very hard and tastes just like bubba buds almost better will post some pics!

  4. looking beautiful!! its all about constant heating at the right temperature over time!!
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  5. looks great man
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  6. yea and u gonna have some people say they rather smoke clear oil with all them lovely terps cooked out? bwahahahahah that looks beaut man...i rocked some pre 98 bubba and made kill wax......
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  7. Looks bomb

    Looks super fire!
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  8. Yea man thats what im saying!......I have a shit ton of pre bubba trim, I cant wait to do the same!......nice job bro!:afroweed::afroweed:
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  9. ECS


    :cool hows the effect?
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  10. that looks absolutely amazing, you have given me a great idea of what to do next time with my trim.
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  11. thx alot bro...thats what i did and she came out great!

    thx alot dude!

    yes I love my wax and budder myself thx for checking her out!

    thx alot she was potent!

    thx bro...I used buds to make this batch wasn't trim..good luck with your run!

    the effect is super strong..puts you down after a couple of nice hits...has that really nice body that goes with bubba but seems to hit the head just as hard and the taste is like bubba can make you sweat!

    thx alot bro she smoked just as good....I did use buds for that run tho not trim!
  12. :evilgrin0031:Sweet oil brother one of these days we may need to throw a session lol you bring your best i bring mine first one to fall buys munchies haha take care and stay high homie
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  13. oh man, what i wouldnt give to put some of that in my J right now! beautiful stuf bro
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  14. outwest

    outwest Premium Gardener Supporter

    Did you use bud or trim for that BHO? Looks delish.

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  15. caregiverken

    caregiverken Fear Not! Supporter

    Yeah That looks really Good :) Nice work! the buds looks nice too.
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  16. Glab120


    man that some of the most blond budder ive ever seen. try not to get it to hot when whipping it. that shit looks bomb tho!!
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    good work, burned clean?
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  18. LOL im down bro...haven't seen you on the boards forever I hope all is well bro!

    Thx alot bro...she did the trick x10!

    whats up bro....I used quality buds there is a pic of the bubba buds that were used! thx bro!

    Thx alot was some fine bubba for sure.....taste to die for!

    Thx alot bro....she came out perfect was very happy with results!

    Burned super clean not a sign of butane......and the taste was bubba kush to the max so freakin good gonna have to whip some up soon....thx for stopping by!
  19. yea man props some of the whiter stuff ive seen...tell us a little more about the material please..
    whole nugs
    and then maybe a lil recount of just the purge part again?

    i could already tell in the first octo pic it was very light color more than normal actually...
    but it seemed like maybe it was bubbles...
    so im wondering if that had anything to do with the freezing n heating etc...
    either way got some albino wax...hard to come by...ill get something every 2 months that comes out like that...
    heres a pic of my pre98 chip pre wax...its from a qp of pre98 lite dep bud
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