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Propane Tank Heater?

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by Funkadelic, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hey Farmpham,

    I'm growing in a garage and winter is coming up. We see snow/ice, though I'm not in Michigan (brrrrr).

    Lights keep the room hot enough but during dark cycle (daytime hours), temps obviously drop a lot .
    Rather than run electric heaters, was thinking maybe a propane heater since it will run when I'm not in there . I know the extra co2 is better for lights on cycle. So I'm here asking and brainstorming . Advice?
  2. I use a propane heater in winter months. Works great. I found one that has a thermostat on it. I love it!!
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  3. Awesome! I figured I wasn't too off base. I just don't want to jack up my electricity for winter heating. I have a couple of heaters in there but I would rather use gas as my first line of defense .

    What unit do you use? Thanks for the help. Big time .
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  4. I have been using Colman camp stoves for years, two burners. Cheap and good.
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  5. Works so sweet! Used it all last winter!! 81C0D12B-3CC7-4A56-BC02-3E0DF415ABC2.png
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  6. Be careful man, carbon monoxide is a killer!!
  7. Thank you guys. Been looking at these. Hoping to find one with a thermostat ... lights on temps are no problem . I just need to keep that 15°F + swing in check to prevent powdery mildew, etc. Cannabis doesn't like 40 degree weather
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  8. Jack og

    Jack og

    Carbon monoxide kills. Do not use those heaters in any enclosed space that is attached to a dwelling. Add a carbon monoxide detector to the room is using and if that sucker beeps , shut it down, air it out.
    I use them in an outdoor greenhouse, the plants love the extra co2.
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  9. They don't put out Carbon Monoxide, They put out CO2 What is why there Vent Free ?
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  10. The Mr Heater units have an O2 sensor ... evidently if the oxygen count gets too low, it's an auto shutoff. My garage is unattached, and I use irrigation so my contact with the flower room (where I need a heater) won't be much.

    An older grow I ran had a co2 burner and we got our PPMs really high. I tried not to stay in that room long .

    GOOD heads up guys - safety is super important with gas .

    I have a buddy who is an HVAC professional and I will have him double check everything too.

    I think Mr Heater units require 100lb tanks ... so I will probably hire a propane company to bring it out and do my refills I'm thinking .

    LOVE the idea of added co2 as a bonus with lower (electric) heat bills. I have a couple of electric heaters on controllers with thermostats to help fine tune temps but I figure gas can keep it from being 25°F at least ....
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  11. From what I remember..if it combusts..there is CO2 produced..but my memory ain't so good anymore..LOL
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