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Quality: Indoor Soil Vs. Hydro

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Andris, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Andris


    Can the the quality of indoor soil grown plants be comparable to that of hydro?
  2. Satica


    for a newbie or a professional grower?,because it is differrent. Newbies normally have a better result in soil but as you are more experienced then you can have close results in both but more Quantity in hydro and more Quality in soil.

    More potency in hydro but smoother to smoke in soil.

    Its like comparing a truck and a car, It depends on your need, if you are a constructor then truck is your choice. If you need more yield then hydro . Risk is always there with hydro but reward is there also
  3. yeah i agree with Satica, i have grown both methods and there are benefits for both. however, i do believe the taste is alot better with soil grown plants with hydro nutes. Straight DWC hydro plants will grow huge but if you dont give a good flush you will regret it. plus when things go bad in hydro, they go bad fast.
  4. Depends on the grower IMHO
  5. ent


    organic soil vs organic hydro, grown to the plants maximum potential, a discerning palate will notice more flavors and smells in the organic soil.
  6. Fred

    Fred Premium Member Supporter

    Organic nutes in pro-mix is hard to beat. I ran Roots soil and ff soil side by side against pro-mix. If you are gonna do hydro but want that good flavor of soil then I would say use organics in pro-mix.

    I should note pro-mix has no nutes in it and some might find it more difficult then soil to perfect.

    I would love to be able put some buds up against some one elses soil grow. If they were the same strain flowered the same amount of time. I only ran soil once so an experience soil grower could possibly do better then I did. If someone can grow my cut and make it taste better then I do I would be pleasantly surprized.

    Finally, I 've had some strains that require more care to get the flavors to come out. Some are just in you face right off the bat with that undeniable flavor and punch regardless of who or how it was grown.

    If your hydro is done organically and is spot on it may be able to compete with soil but it seems like it's safer to say soil grown is better tasting. Most of the time it is.
  7. I grow coco, soil, and hydro (DWC and aeroflo) and the soil bud is ALWAYS tastier but the coco and hydro look better and almost twice the yield (aero even more) and look awesome....most people can never tell the difference but there are those of us who if it came down to a choice for me I would buy the soil grown organics everytime, but then again like anything organic it commands top dollar.
  8. I agree. Soil for the head, hydro for custies.
  9. Blaze


    Yep - hydro for cash, soil for stash. Hydro just never has the flavor and smoothness that good organic grown soil does.
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  10. go with hydroganics it gives you the best of both worlds taste smell potency yield use something like bio canna [for instance] get some promix bx some perlite fine dolomite lime[stabelizes ph in medium] some microbeasties mix them together put in 2 or 3 gallon pots add nutes accordingly and you will reap the benefits hydroganic all day
  11. d420

    d420 Premium Member Supporter

    I agree with Franti.. I think an organic soil will outbeat hydro anyday, yet you will get faster and bigger harvests with hydro..
  12. yep i can account for alil quicker harvest and maybe alil more bushy growth in hydro but it does take alot of taste out for some reason. organic soil have a great smooth taste and keeps ot smell better too i think
  13. how mouch the price is for hydro and soil ?
  14. i see this same debate over and over.SOIL SOIL SSSSOOOOOOOIIIIIILLLLLL 4 me.flavor is much more pronounced and it is soo smooth.just as important is a good slow cure though, it really makes the flavor pop.bad cure job makes even the best soil/hydro job bland.peace
  15. I have to say soil for taste but hydro for yield and potency and appeal.
  16. A crappy soil gro is just as bad as a crappy dro gro. I think dialing your method is the most important thing.
  17. the reason most think hydro isnt as smooth and tasty is because MOST hydro growers rush things a little because they are cash crops, but if hydro is given the time to flush correctly like 17 days and cured correctly I think it can stand with soil
  18. d420

    d420 Premium Member Supporter

  19. Jimson


    Hydro = Twice the Yield?

    Does anyone else get twice the yield using Hydro like BillyB?

    As a new medical user, I have been jumping around trying new strains and I don't have much space so I find I'm continually tight on supply of med stash.

    My own experience with hydro has been that it has practically no taste at all if flushed well. Right now, I only need a single bag :volcano: daily medicinally- so, two good plants in hydro should get me through each cycle handily (maybe it's BETTER that a medicinal hit doesn't taste too good on a work morning). And I can continue to experiment with soil-ish media for other head/med strains.

    My first (since the 70's) grow was in hydro and I blew it big time! Mostly because I couldn't stay on top of the PH swings from having a too small a reservoir. I will say this - it taught me a lot about what not to do.

    :sign0006: BTW - I have found at least 3 different flavor profiles in Barney's LSD grown in soil (all good).
  20. sedate



    The grower is the variable here, not the method.

    I've always had this pet theory: soil grows tend to taste a bit better, but I think that's because hydro growers tend to leave the nutes on full blast until the last fucking minute going after yield.