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Question About Changing Nute In Mid Flower (outdoor Plants)

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Buzzer777, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. I have been a Canna Terra user for years, but wish to reduce my costs and will be switching to Greenleafnutrients Megacrop (Already did a test and am pleased with the results..
    Is it possible to switch flowering base nutrients in mid flower without stressing the plants? I really don't want to spend more $$ and Buy more Canna if I don't need to..Canna is great..just getting to pricey (and I was buying it in 5L jugs)

    8-30-18 1.JPG 8-22-18 2.jpg
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  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    I don’t see why you couldn’t do that. Just so long as the plant gets what it needs.
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  3. Thank you..I ask because I was told that many nutes don't play nicely with each other..Anyway the outdoor plants need food now, so I fed the Megacrop at 50% of max..We will soon find out..Hope not this way..LOL
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  4. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Yeah it’s hard to say. Wish you luck bro!
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  5. Thank you..I will find out soon..These plants are drinking 4x a day and needing food 4-5 times a week or MORE!!!(small pots and 100 degree temps with 10% RH:crying2:

    MOFOs are NOT a cheap Date!! LMAO
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  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Yeah they are beasts. You got quite a nice thing going there in the desert. Might be joining ya here soon if things go well. I’ll have to pick your brain about the local growing conditions ;-)
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  7. I'll be here..:)
    welcome bruce willis.gif
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  8. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Damn bro you got more memes than a Russian troll, haha.
  9. LOL..Got Gigabytes..Funny stuff..especially when I am too stoned to type..(Mostly..LMAO
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  10. OK that is 1000% correct in Hydro
    In soil Outdoors Not So Much Brotha!
    I'd Say Flush em Really good for a day or two then start medium dose and gradually increase as needed !

    Should be fine , especially if your not in supersoil or TLO

    I'm Unfamiliar with both companies but have done exactly what your asking countless times and I've Been Fine

    Best of luck to you

  11. Thank you..I did a flush with Florakleen this morning and fed them with 1/2 strength Megacrop..
    We will see shortly..Canna is the old family named nutrient line from Amsterdam..They are one of thhe few that specially formulate their ferts for Cannabis..Megacrop is very cheap in Comparison ( have free samples only pay a few $$ for postage..
    This was my indoor Test earlier this yr of Megacrop only..This ntime (indoors) when I switch..I will add Cal-mag and a PK booster..Stuff is AOK in my book. (soil is a mix of FFHF, FFOF, FFStrawberry Fields, and perlite)
    megacrop.jpg megacrop instructions.jpg
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  12. Ever use stuff called Shooting Powder before ?

    & who's PX is that ? G13 Labs PX ?
  13. That's what is breaking me...Plants want food every 36 hrs or so..Two are mystery plants (Bonza dumps a lot of Green Crack They say), so I must go by feel as they are an unknown totally..
    Cackleberry is from a mom that I grew and later bred myself (indoors)

    TBH..I wanted bushes..Not trees..LOL

    You can see a clone of one outdoor mystery..Knocked off a top while moving her indoors during a storm early last year..put it a cup of water in a window..BOOM..LMAO

    The Cross I made just succeeded in taking over 1/2 of my 3x3 and is only 8 days into 12/12..WTF..I am gonna be in deep doodoo once again..(Yes, she was topped a few times and supercropped to death..)

    Hibernate is from Greenpoint Seeds in Colo (regular)..Got more seeds and will be breeding that one this winter;)

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  14. Where is this pineapple express from ?
  15. Yep..G13labs..just another Pheno of their original PE, but skunkier. (still not that potent, but sure looked and produced well..smell was great, so most of the harvest went to Hash and Rosin.
    No..but I hear good stuff about it..Was thinking MOAB or that one..Currently using the old formula Ginormous from Humboldt ..still have a bunch but when it's gone..gonna replace that too..Works great but they changed the formula and raised the price..Bastards..LOL
  16. G13labs..bought from The Vault in the UK
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  17. Run a 50 plant population and ur sure to get a sweet pineapple pheno
    Did my Px experiment with that plant and reversed that pheno with great results

    And Have you ever heard of the Generic version of shooting powder called flower fuel ? Shit supposedly works better than shooting powder and mines due on Friday so I'll post results , if what they claim is true than I should be seeing spaces getting filled in where they stretched a lil too much , got about 6 branches id like to see fill in cause they stretched too much

    I'll post results cause I'm gonna use it on my GG4
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  18. Thank you..I had a clone, but need room and had to cull her..still have more seeds, but TBH..I am not happy with the final product potency wise. Pretty to grow and smells are great.
    Flower Fuel was actually on my list as well.:smoking:
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  19. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    the plants don't care what brand you use. Yes you can switch, shouldn't be any issues. Nice work and training on those gurls BTW … :D
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  20. Where the fuck ya been buddy ? Lmao do I gotta tag ya back in over at the shitshow ?
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