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Question For The Experienced.

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Jbellsmoke, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Been growing for while now just wanted to ask about feeding different strains. Do you guys find each and every strain need different amount of nutes macro and micro, feeding schedules.
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  2. You can get away with lower ppms through out if your scared of over feeding or if its a concern of underfeeding then get good at spotting deficiencies and treat each individual strain as they need certain elements through out the grow.
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  3. i run all mine with same feed,i do have my strain that doesnt like boosters at all,i had others that were finicky and want more or less,you will see which ones they are,they will pronounce them self quick,then you have to determine which way to go,i always go on the less side first,in soil takes about 3 days to have def showup,so in a couple feeds you will have them tweeked in the sweet spot,but scaled 1 to 10 my experience has always been less feed for them 8 of 10,couple wanted more feed than the others
  4. I ask because my last grow I grew more then one strain for fist time and really didn' t watch for needs of each feed them both the same shit throughout. One was purple kush and the other chemdog#4. Purple kush faded through flower and the Chem dog stayed green though flower. Same soil under the same lights feed from same source.first pic is the Chem dog I think a week or two from harvest and the purple kusk was 3 or 4 maybe at this point. Thank s guys for all the response.
  5. RR1


    I always start new strains at half recommended strength, work up till I see earliest signs of over feeding, then back down. Some sativas don’t like much at all. Some indicas never seem to get enough.
    Just takes practice. I never get deficiencies anymore, but I run a pretty balanced program heavier on calcium and magnesium. Those two along with phosphorus(K) covers 90% of most folks deficiencies.
    Devil’s in the little details. When I die, i’ll Have my wife auction off all my notebooks. 20 years worth, with a lot of strains most haven’t even heard of.
    I do miss some of the old landrace strains.
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  6. I plant a new seed of a different strain/cross about every 10 days and harvest about the same in my perpetual garden. Flowering 8 at a time all plants always in different stages.

    Veg is easy. Ocean forest and well water from sprout through week 4-6 with transplants into fresh soil.

    But in flower when the nutrients are depleted in the final pots I mix a separate gallon of nutes for each individual plant according to what I feel they need each watering.

    This is the only way I have found to get great potential out of each individual plant.

    It’s is a pain in the ass sometimes yes. But worth it to stay in plant and meds count and for continued variety.
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